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Smallville 10x20: Prophecy Review

Smallville 10x20 - Prophecy

Liveblog blow-by-blow

Smallville begins! :D 2nd last episode is a go!

Previously on Smallville: Kara telling Clark about Darkseid, stuff about the Omega symbol, Green Arrow turning omega, and Hawkman's death and stuff about the bow of Orion and Tess having Gold K... Granny Goodness now too :o

Lois has her own office now and she's swamped in notes :o Clark thinks Lois is paranoid for thinking that Marionette Ventures buying out small businesses in Metropolis is a conspiracy, but we know it's not cuz it's about Toyman :o

Clark says they have to tell Jor-El about their marriage o_o;; He called him "his father"... it's weird given how Jor-El was in early Smallville that Clark thinks of him as his father now... :o

"Life union" o_O;;; NO LIFE WITHOUT EQUAL PAY!


Jor-El is swapping their powers now (or lack of powers) :O Go Superlois! Lana should come back w/ Bee powers :o

Pillar squashed Lois, Clark realized he has no power, but Lois does :O She lifted it up :O


xDDDD I dun need to describe the opening too right? >_>

Ollie is going spelunking now :o I guess looking for the Bow of Orion... I didn't know Orion used a bow (the New Gods Orion is who they refer to :o)

Ah! Kara is here! Refers to Apokolips finally! :D She is trapped in a cave :o a weird circle :o I wonder why she's wearing heels o_O Nice heels tho :)

She thinks Watchtower found her but GA tells her that he's not part of a search team :o She is suspicious that Ollie is looking for the bow without Clark. :o But she is too, but she's trying to find the bow "for [her] own reasons" :o Apparently this cave has the prophecy of the end of the world written down by Orion himself :o

Ah a balance must exist between light and darkness.. surprise surprise >_>;;

Ollie has figured out how to solve the puzzle :o Since Kara got trapped touching the Orion symbol so Ollie has to touch the Omega symbol on the wall :o Kara doesn't know he has one on his forehead yet. :o

Now Kara is free :)

Ollie isn't hitting on Kara is he? He's married to Chloe xD *glares at Ollie* he's evil ... we can't trust him >:O

Lois is zipping all over the place now xD She's using her powers to cover all their their deadlines for the wedding now xD

Oh Clark >:O Clark is again thinking Jor-El is up to no good just cuz Clark doesn't have powers nemore xD He doesn't seem to get that he has to learn how Lois feels being helpless compared to him >_> Of course w/o his powers he's thinking THE WORLD IS DOOMED W/O him -_-;;

Lois figured out that all of the businesses that Marionette Ventures bought out were connected by the Metropolis reservoir line :O


Lois is late meeting Clark b/c she had to stop and save things along the way back to him :o Clark is trying to help Lois use her super hearing to spy on Marionette Ventures and she hears all these ppl needing help but Clark tells her to calm down, and that certain emergencies can be helped by local police and firemen nearby, and etc... helping Lois learn that he hears this all the time but has to prioritize :)

Somebody is being beaten up in a store so Lois showed up and threw her through a wall :O Clark unmasks the person and it's Stargirl! :O SHe's being mind controlled w/ a thin on her neck :O

Meanwhile Kara and Ollie are still searching for the Bow of Orion in caveland :o Ollie says he has to use the bow of orion cuz he's GA and a bow is what he uses o_O

Ollie realized that Orion is Darkseid's son and Kara says he had to turn away fromthe darkness to use the bow :o And thus, Ollie has to too..

it would be rly cool if Ollie is the one who takes down Darkseid at the end while Clark is tanking him :D


Orion and Darkseid symbols on the ground :O They have to stand on each symbol and shoot the ones on the wall... :o Apparently Ollie has a ton of bows folded up in his bag xD

It's pretty cool that Kara is represenative of goodness here while Ollie is darkness :D

Yay! They did it! Door opens!

Kara w/ bow is pretty awesome too :D

Jor-El is calling Kara away :O It is up to Ollie to retrieve the bow and give it to Clark. "I'm trusting you now." Something tells me Ollie will be tempted to not give it to Clark :\ Perhaps that's the test of his Omega symbol... can Ollie give up his hubris and help Clark rather than try to redeem himself by having to be the one to kill Darkseid :O

Break! :D

Back! :O that was fast O_O;;

Kara is at the Fortress now. Jor-El tells her that the Bow is Clark's destiny, not hers :o She says he told her to help him, but he says that's not what she has to do :o Jor-El tells Kara that she has 2 choices, whether to leave Earth and let Clark be a hero, or stay and risk the future. :o WTF!? RISK KARA! RISK!

o_o Jor-El says that Kara's destiny is in another time and place. o_O (the future? w/ the Legion? :O ) also that Clark will one day turn his back on him but will still make theright decision, and that Kara has to make a sacrifice for the good of ppl she cares about o_o

WTF.. JE is back to being a jerk >_<;;;

Now at Watchtower, Tess is telling Stargirl about the thing that was on her neck controlling her like a puppet :o


ok so it is Roulette, Dark Archer and Metallo around that table? >:O

I lose :(

But that's so stupid! Roulette isn't rly evil and Metallo is not evil in this show >:O

They found out Toyman is in charge now :O

Lois is visiting Toyman in jail. Lois found his iphone and took it from him :o

I have this feeling that they're gonna use Gold K on Lois but Clark will get his powers back at the end from Jor-El after the re-swap. :o

Does Toyman know Clark's identity? o_O He's talking about Lana Lang as the "Blur's first beau". Yup, he does, he just said his name..

Toyman says that his team of villains are closing in on Clark, and Lois realizes that Clark wun get his powers back in time. :o Toyman says that he'll call off his dogs if Lois will wear the mind control device :o I see... they'll use gold K on Lois to stop her :o


Lois! WHy would you do that!? Now Lois is under Toyman's control now! :O And Toyman says that Lois will kill Clark >_> OH COME ON, WE ALL SAW THAT COMING! >:O

Great line from Trish while we're chatting right now about Lex coming back and if he'll be a clone: Smallville Season 10: It's all clones from now on


Ok now Ollie has found the bow and is moving towards it. He's circling it as it hovers xD It's like a video game item! xDDD

The Only True Power Comes From Within. :o Writing on the bow.

Ollie is going to grab it but it flew away to Granny Goodness who has suddenly shown up :o Pointing out that it's selfish of him to try to grab it. The traps were designed to keep the 3 "Prophets" out (Desaad, Goodness, Godfrey) out. :o She disintingrated the bow :O ANd Granny says she has plans for Ollie now while controlling him :o Is activating his Orion symbol now :o

Toyman is contacting the Legion of Doom now :o Black Manta, Metallo, Roulette, Grundy, Iceman and Dark Archer :o Each one has a JLA target :o Aquaman, Kara, Black Canary... I didn't catch them all :\ I assume Impulse for Cap Cold. Roulette is Kara? o_O So I was right about them being anti JLA but not good JLA but Smallville JLA :o Actually thinking about it, I think I remembered wrong... Metallo is prolly Kara and Roulette Black Canary or something :o Grundy is thinking enuf to be part of a leadership? o_O

Lois is beating up Clark now :o Tess told CLark to stall Lois. :o Clark managed to break the hold briefly by saying "I love you" but then it re-engaged :o She goes to punch Clark but he stops her just in time when the sun goes down and he gets his powers back :o

Clark whooshed to Toyman's cell now and broke his phone :o Clark tells Winslow that if he wanted to tell the whole world his identity he would have, but he won't b/c he won't be able to play nemore. :o very Batmanish xD

Clark is back to Jor-El, telling him it's not a gift but it's a trial :o And it wasn't about Clark and Lois learning, it's about control. He's not wrong >_>;; Jor-El in Smallville is all about control xD Clark said that this was to teach him that he has to make his own destiny at some point, and that he has to learn to break away from Jor-El and Jonathan :o (what'd Jonathan do!? >_> )

The Superman suit! :O Clark turns off the Fortress and zips away :o

Evil Ollie has dug up the gold K now :o Ruh roh :o

Lois tells Clark that being in his shoes is so different from what she'd thought it'd be :o And that when you're a reporter, once you've written the story it's over, but it's never over for Clark :o Clark is now talking about balance of good and evil and up to him to tip the scale o_o;; Lois is telling Clark how strong his heart is xD Now embrace and huggings! :o

Kara is at Watchtower w/ her pseudo Supergirl outfit w/ the Legion ring :o Yup, she's to go to the 31st century :( Stupid Jor-El >:O GO KARA! :D I wish we could see her adventures in the 31st century :(

Lois says she's weak cuz Toyman was able to leverage Clark to control her, and she's worried she'll be Clark's weakness :o Clark assures her that that's not true and that Jor-El is part of his past regardless. :o

Oh crumbs.. -_-;;

Lois is breaking off the wedding isn't she? >_>;;; Yup... she's telling Clark that every minute she's w/ Clark is time Clark could be using to save other ppl, and she can't be that selfish :o Ah Smallville drama! How I missed you! >_>;;

She breaks off the wedding. The end -_-;;;


My immediate thought right now, after watching the episode, is a quote from the Star Trek: TNG episode "The Chase": "If she wasn't dead I'd kill her myself!" xD

If this show wasn't ending I'd kill Lois myself! xD

Just kidding xD But srsly after so many seasons of Lana drama and will she/won't he, random dramatic emotional bad decisions from Clark and Lana and everybody in between, it was SUCH a breath of fresh air in the last 3 seasons to GET AWAY from that xD And now this >_>;;;

TO BE FAIR... at least Lois isn't breaking it off for ridic reasons like Clark and Lana have in the past. I mean, I can see how right after having his powers, Lois would feel that Clark could be saving a billion ppl and it'd be selfish for her to take up any of his time. And that's also very Lois, feeling very much a part of the fight against evil and Clark's heroing and etc :) But in this case it's LOIS being controlling of Clark and assuming Clark can't make his own decisions and prioritize his own time. This is a lot like Clark's early moves of cutting Lois out of the loop and stuff like that to "protect" her. Now for Clark's own good, Lois is telling HIM what he should be doing and acting as if he can't make his own good decisions -_-;;

I suppose that's fair, I mean they ARE in love for a reason and that's very much in Lois' character in this series as well xD And turnabout is fair play and all that.. it's just.. with ONE EPISODE TO GO we now have this dramuh to resolve as well as the return of Lex, the fight against Darkseid, the appearance of Apokolips and Clark becoming Superman? -_-;;;

Buh >_<;;



But I dun think it was out of char or rly bad or nething, and the more I think of it the more it makes sense as a reflection of how Clark has been treating her and ALSO how complicated relationships are and how sometimes caring can turn into posessiveness or into a selfish generosity or fear in this case. So it's not UNrealistic, but it's still a writer's decision and I'm just concerned how they're gonna fit all this in :o

I SUSPECT that it's just a small hiccup, b/c since Lois will be in her wedding dress and the wedding (from the previews) is a go, that prolly means that in the first few scenes of next episode Clark will talk Lois out of it :)

Moving onto the rest of the episode :o Not much RLY happened, but a lot happened :o

I mean basically, Lois got powers, they found out about Toyman, Kara and Ollie solve puzzles, Jor-El tells Kara to leave, Ollie loses the bow and his soul to Granny, Lois fights Clark, emotional break up ending >_>;;;

But a lot happened also as you can see :o First off, the supervillains are gathering :o Which in itself makes me want to yell at Smallville for having ONE episode left xD OH COME ON, the show is FINALLY GETTING GOOD and now you're ending it!? xD You stalled for SEVEN YEARS with terrible leadership, and only give the new crew 3 years to fix the past and make a STELLAR 9 and 10 season!? xD BAH BAH BAH!!! xD BAH! >:O I luffed the appearances of the villains tho :) They looked very much on par... but since according to the creators, the JLA won't show up in the final episode, it doesn't seem like the Legion of Doom will either :( Tho I STILL think that missing chair is NOT meant for Toyman but meant for Lex :) And he's been manipulating the whole thing all along. :o It's unclear whether or not Toyman told the other villains :o Presumably he didn't since he was being circumspect around them about how he's taking care of "The Blur". Neways, it seems kinda sad that htey're showing us ALL THESE AWESOME VILLAINS but we wun actually be SEEING this wonderful world Smallville's finally set up :( It can't even be "okay now read the comics" b/c hte COMICS ARE SO FAR OFF FROM THIS right now xD And it's just.. if nebody left Smallville and thought "I wanna follow the adventures in the comics" wow... talk about disappointment (and total confusion xD) THO, there ARE Smallville comics, so hopefully they might continue it there :)

And then there's the Ollie quest which predictably led to failure b/c as I suspected, and as I think most viewers figured out, his reasons for trying to get the bow were selfish and his hubris showed his impure heart >_>;; I suspect the Bow meant nothing in the first place, since the inscription basically said to clap your hands and TInkerbell will come alive xD So I think it'll be the power of good thoughts that will be the weapon that kills Darkseid or something! Clark will spirit bomb him! (PLEASE DON'T MAKE IT THAT PPL WISHING THE BLUR ON MAKES CLARK FLY AND HS DEFEATS DARKSEID THO, PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ DX ) It's gonna be a Dr Who thing >_> What w/ Apokolips appearing next to Earth in the preview like the Dalek Worlds, and Clark changes in a phone booth too right? xDDD

Ollie being evil isn't rly a surprise given that they've been subtlely changing Ollie evil the same way Anakin subtlely turned evil in the Star Wars prequels >_>;; But apparently he is just being mind controlled now and wun remember nething which is a little disappointing cuz it's not actually his dark impulses taking over, but rather than that his weakness allowed Granny to just control him as a puppet -_-;;; Boooo... also he has Gold K! Nebody think it means Clark will have to turn Jor-El back on to get his powers back OR THE POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING xDDD NEWAYS, I'm half betting that Ollie will be finally redeemed and help lead ppl in happy chanting to give Clark his powers back xDDDD

I'll stop >_>;;

Kara's fate is ANNOYING AS ALL F! >:O

I know it's a way to get her off the show, but.. OKAY if there was a Supergirl in the 31st Century w/ the Legion show, this would TTLLY BE AWESOME :D But it's not and she seems SAD to go, and she seems FORCED to go! FFS if this episode was about Clark learning to break free from Jor-El, then why is Kara essentially playing the good soldier, esp when Jor-El says Kara is too strong for him to control or tell what to do. SINCE WHEN ARE WE TRUSTING JOR-EL TO TELL US THE TRUTH NEWAYS!? >:O But like a good little Kryptonian Girl she takes him at his word and reluctantly goes to the Legion :\ It just.. if she ACCIDENTALLY went, that'd be more FUN! That's been the BIG problem w/ Smallville, nothing just HAPPENS. Clark doesn't just want to save ppl, Jor-El has to strongarm him kicking and screaming to become a hero -_-;; Lex isn't evil.. Lionel took YEARS to force him to be evil -_-;;; It's like.. the non mains are the ones who seem to make their own decisions: Tess, Lois, Chloe, Ollie... maybe that says something :D GO REGULAR HUMANS! (or maybe it says something about abusive father figures huh? >_>) Brargh.. it just... I GET that she should leave on her own adventures, but it's annoying she just accepts Jor-El's prophecy and ALSO the idea that she can't be a hero on Earth WITH CLARK! I dun want to sound feministy about it, but Jor-El basically said "you need to step aside for the man to be the hero, little girl" >:O And it's just awful that she's not even HAPPY w/ it but just cryingly goes to the 31st century. I would have liked it more if in trying to help Clark she gets zapped away and then realizes that Clark can handle himself and she has her own fun and games w/ the Legion :) THAT would be much more fun :D I just HATE the idea of superheroes as miserable pawns FORCED to do good -_-;; Which is what much of Smallville has been like with Jor-El.

Just a thought: Wouldn't it be great if Jor-El told Kara that she was needed in the 31st century and SHE chose to go cuz she trusted Clark to take care of Earth? :o There RLY IS a controlling/mistrust gene in Kryptonians on this show xD Clark wasn't lying when he told Lois that that part of him was his Kryptonian side xD

Mind you, I wouldn't trust Clark to take care of Darkseid either >_> He can't even fly! xD

The JLA patrolling in Clark's place during the wedding is cute, but presumably they haven't been sitting on their butts while Clark was saving Metropolis right? So wouldn't this take away from their other duties? o_O Not a nitpick, just something I was wondering xD Are they eschewing sleep now or something xD

I'm guessing Clark turning off the Fortress isn't a permanent thing considering the suit is in the fortress and the previews shows him returning to it.. :|

The whole test thing was ok, but... honestly... the Clark/Lois part felt like filler in this episode and the big part was rly to show us villains and Ollie to turn evil and Kara to go away -_-;; Neither rly LEARNED nething, and it turns out the whole thing wasn't even ABOUT that, which honestly, I think would be RLY interesting, for Clark to learn what Lois feels like sitting helplessly on the sidelines while your loved one goes off and risks her life. Clark takes Lois for granted a LITTLE too much sometimes, at least in the way he plays w/ her feelings about sitting in the bleachers, or WANTING her to. A better episode would have been Lois SAVING ppl (and not failing and turning into a mind controlled puppet) and Clark realizing that he can't sit still and helps by doing reporting, the way LOIS DOES, and then realizing that Lois "risks her life" cuz she can't NOT help Clark :)

Instead we get this -__-;;; And it's SO stupid Lois puts on the MC device too... I mean I get that she's panicking and this is new to her... but.. YOU HAVE SUPER POWERS... first.. destroy his phone... secondly, you could even THREATEN him with superhearing and laser beam eyes that if he sicced ppl on Clark... or THIRDLY, realize that Clark will get ihs powers back soon and all you need to do is delay the supervillains (also how does Toyman KNOW that Lois has powers now? o_O it was v odd how he just went w/ it... also why would he assume Clark DOESN'T have powers? How does HE know what happened? -_- But more to the point... SHE HAS CLARK'S POWERS. Besides that you should NEVER TRUST A VILLAIN to keep their world, once you put on the MC device, HE'LL JUST USE YOU TO KILL CLARK!!


I can forgive her for being overwhelmed by the powers and responsibility and fear for Clark's life.. but STILL, the Lois that's been written in S9 and 10, would have figured this out -_- It just seemed like such writer's fiat and VERY arbitrary just to get all the stuff on the plot checklist done -_-;;

And Tess kinda sat around while Lois was beating up Clark, when in the past, w/ EVIL Clark from Earth 3, Tess AND Lois both revealed they had anti Clark weapons rdy (esp in the Watchtower) to fight Clark -_-;; But here... just.. sit on hands -_-

THERE'S A LOT OF HANDS SITTING IN THIS EPISODE! Ppl seem like they're dealing w/ a hangover or something, they're a lot slower on the uptake than usual -_-;;;

ANd CLark is lucky that Lois lost her powers just in time or his hand would have been a pile of goo -_-

Then blah blah blah the ending which you all know about...

you know... the more I write this review, the more I realize that I didn't like this episode at all. -_-;; I WANTED to... but really it was MEANINGLESS and a lot of poor decision making and out of char stuff going on JUST so we could get evil Ollie, Kara gone, and Lois breaking up w/ Clark -_-;;

How they got rid of Kara was indicative of a lot of this episode... not v creative, very direct, and in an unsatisfying way. Just like Ollie isn't SEDUCED to the dark side (Darkseid, BA DA BUM!) but kinda just taken over and turned into an EVIL EVIL EVIL zombie -_-;; And Kara is just PUSHED to go on her own adventures crying by Jor-El. It's literally "GO TO YOUR OWN COMIC BOOK YOUNG LADY!" -_-;; It's bad writing and it's unsatisfying tv >:\

Oh yeah, and Stargirl guest stars and doesn't DO ANYTHING! You'd think that at least she'd be sent WITH Lois to talk to Toyman (since Lois has no exp, you'd think an exp'd hero would go w/) OR be there to fight Lois when she turned evil... but noooo... for THAT matter, she mattered so LITTLE that they never even rly explained HOW she got mindcontrolled either, or if Toyman is putting these on everyhero, or HOW WIDESPREAD his power is!!?! >:O You would THINK that Toyman having MIND CONTROL DEVICES that can CONTROL HEROES would concern everybody, but as to my point about this being a series of plot points strung together by writers prolly too busy w/ the finale to rly make this a good episode, eveyrbody just goes LALALA once the device is taken off Lois -_-;;; And there isn't nething about Tess saying "I fixed up this thing piggybagged to cellphone waves to interfere w/ the device so nobody will be mindcontrolled again" or nething like that -_- (for that matter, is Toyman controlling the villains? Is that why Metallo there? and if he can control ppl why doesn't he control ppl and ESCAPE!? >_<;;) Nope, it's just, well we solved the immediate problem in this episode, our 40 minutes is up, ON TO THE DRAMATIC CLIFFHANGER BREAKUP!


This episode rly was just "let's get plot points A B C D done and go home k? We have a series finale to do! chop chop!" And that's just what it was: get rid of Kara, turn Ollie bad, have Lois leave Clark, show the villains.. DONE! >_<;;; It rly feels like they needed 10 more episodes for this season (or another season) and they're just rushing things or something >:\ (like introducing the LoD w/ no episodes left >_>, or how Kara leaves without EVEN GETTING TO SAY GOODBYE TO CLARK, she's NOT A MINOR CHAR in the shows mythology for chrissakes -_-;; )

-_- Disappointing. And for fans of... well basically ALL the characters, but ESP Kara and Ollie and Stargirl too I guess... it was annoying and frustrating as well -_-;; Kara deserved a better send off than that. Unless she's getting a spinoff series or something, WTF. Supergirl is LEAVING THE SHOW. If she's not gonna be in the finale (and she wun be) she deserves a good send off, and at LEAST one where Clark gets to SEE HER OFF! A HUG OR SOMETHING! NO NO NO.. she's not even allowed to TALK to him. She just looks sad, puts on the ring and BOOM :( It's a terrible way to send off a char, that while just a guest star, is still an important part of Superman mythology and also an important part of Clark's LIFE in Smallville :) (and she was a main character for a season ffs)

Disappointing and anger mongering >:|



(who knows, maybe they ARE leaving it open to a Supergirl & the Legion CW spinoff, one can hope...)

Bah... so yeah.. ONTO THE FINALE! I hope it doesn't disappoint :) (poor Supergirl :( AND STARGIRL if this is rly her last appearance like they say :( )

It's kinda disappointing honestly that if it's TRUE the JLA wun be in the finale, that we didn't get a decent send off for the chars :( At least Aquaman had an awesome episode this season. But we dun be getting one for Canary, Cyborg, Impulse, J'onn, etc.. and Stargirl was used as plot filler (that could have been ANYONE, she didn't even USE HER POWERS) :\

bah :(

Angelwings Rating: 2 out of 5 disappointed and annoyed Angelwings of fan angry doom >:O

Recommendation: It hits on plot points, but rly all you rly need to know is what happened. If you're watching for certain guest chars, there's not rly very many great Ollie scenes, and the Kara scenes are just her being sad and stuff, and Stargirl's cameo is meaningless and the villains dun say or do nething :( As an episode, it's not v strong :\ Not much recommendation here :(

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Jayde said...

As usual Ami provides us a better episode than we got.

Also, what is with Jor-El? "You will go into the future. You will learn a series of lessons in fun and entertaining adventures. THESE WILL NOT BE RECORDED OR BROADCAST."