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Smallville 10x18: Booster Review

Smallville 10x18: Booster

Liveblog blow-by-blow:

Hihi :) I've decided rather than do the long tweet thing I'll just liveblog this episode as a running commentary :D Tho the teaser is alrdy over so I'm gonna just say what happened :D

Lois is helping Clark try to be a bigger loser in his Clark identity but he finds it hard b/c he was a loser in highschool, which I think is a nice bit of writing, at least it makes sense, I think a lot of us know how that feels and not wanting to go back. :) Jaime is being portrayed as a loser here that bumbles like Peter Parker o_o At least he hasn't been whitewashed xD Booster came and saved him from a car and it was AWEEESSSOME :D He's EXACTLY Booster as he would be irl, and SKEEETS IS THERE :D SKEEEEEEEEEEETS :D He sounds like Skeets too :3 Also apparently Booster knows Clark's identity, or at least Clark thinks he does, tho that makes sense since he's from the future :3

Ron Troupe is here now! :D And Cat Grant too! :D She's up for the same promotion as Lois xD Too bad no Perry White back yet :( She wants to promote Booster as the new big hero. :o And Lois is trying to get Clark to unmake "Clark" more so that the "Blur" can finally show his face. xD

Jaime scene now! :O Being a loser again :( That's odd... Geoff Johns knows Jaime wasn't a loser before... why is he writing him like one? :( He's being bullied like woah :( No Paco or Brenda tho :(

Lois is talking to him, having observed him and trying to teach him out to be strong and tough (I have no idea why Lois is even there) :o I kinda dun like Jaime like this, cuz it's not very Jaime like but I think he's being acted well :)

Jaime is in alley now :o Always a good place to develop powers! :O Scarab activate!!!!!!!!!! :OOOOOO

Commercial break :o


Yay it's back! :D It's alrdy one of my favourite episodes :D

Booster Gold promotion commercial xD With dancing Texas Cowboysesque cheerleaders xD I LOVE that his ad plays on the fact that he's playing on the fact that the "Blur" never shows his face or stops to introduce himself saying that it's heroing but w/ friendliness xD

Clark is suspicious of Booster :O Cuz Booster knows when each accident appears but doesn't stop the accident, shows up to save them for the fame. Is very Superman thinking actually, like it :)


The Scarab is made by Ted Kord here or at least he had it in his possession :o They seem to think Kord Industries is up to no good here :o

Booster doesn't sign things, he just stamps them o_o Cat is introducing herself to Booster now :o Booster is OBSESSED with Lois for some reason o_o Sending her flowers and not interested in Cat Grant cuz she's not Lois.

OHHHHHH Booster came back b/c Lois made Superman hero of Metropolis the first time around w/ an interview and that's why Booster wants her to interview him o_o;; That's very neat :3

I wonder why Booster just came back now rather than before, when Clark wasn't even in Metropolis o_O It's weird that Booster doesn't ever slip up and call him Superman tho o_o;;

I LOVE the idea of Booster coming back to try to replace Superman as hero of the world before he's Superman tho... it's great :D

Commercials again :o

Ah, the heroic Duracell commercial xD Without Duracell firefighters would be dead everywhere! Buy their batteries! >_>;; (it sounds almost like a threat honestly -_-;; Like protection money >_<;;)

Commercial reminding me that Stargate Universe has 3 episodes left >_>;;

YAY Smallville is back! :D

Awww Cat is all angry at Lois. >_>;; Oooh mean Lois :o Catsy! :O

Ted Kord now! Clark is trying to grill him :o Hay! Kord is being played by the hero guy from First Wave! :O Clark is doing a good job of being rly bumbling :o Booster is apparently working w/ Ted Kord to try to find the Scarab back :o Booster wants the mayor to give him the key to the city in exchange for helping Kord find the Scarab :o

Jaime is seeking out Booster now :o Trying to get him to help him w/ the Scarab :o Booster of course is trying to blow him off. >_>;; I LOVE how assholeish Booster is xD Jaime left after being blown off... >_>;; Oooh Cat Grant has pretended to be one of the Booster girls to get close to Booster :O

Scarab going off!! BLUE BEEETTTLEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He looks a bit like Waspinator and some other transformers mixed together o_o;;; But he looks GREAT! :D

Ruh Roh.. the Scarab wants to destroy Metropolis :(

Commercial! :O

Too bad this isn't going to lead to a Blue Beetle spinoff series :( Would be so great >_>;;

Adddd for Swamp Demon :O W/e that is >_>;; Looks terrible and b-movieish -_-;; Apparently Space is showing it soon.... e_e;; That's nice xD


*is advised and being discreet :3 *

Clark is showing Lois the Scarab now :o Apparently the Scarab bonded with Dan Garrett (a scientist for Kord here) and he killed 3 ppl :( Look Johns, I appreciate the shout out to Garrett but I dun like him as just cannon fodder who's a murderer :( Bad homage :(

I like how Booster calls Clark "Golden Boy" xD Clark talking to Booster now. Notices the Legion Ring and realizes that Booster's from the future :D (very awesome deduction by Clark for how Booster knows when to save ppl) :3 For some reason Clark in that trenchcoat looks and sounds a lot like Stabler in SVU o_O SuperStabler :O Ewww >_>;;

Booster is telling Clark that "whoever gets the key to the city becomes this city's man of steel.. or gold" according to history. "A suit doesn't make the hero, a hero is made by the moment and the choices he makes" GREAT line by Clark :D

Booster is gonna go get his key to the city now :O Booster just gave Clark a hint of his future o_o "hang up the glasses and the red and blue suit" I rly feel like Booster came from the wrong continuity or something XD WRONG UNIVERSE BOOSTER YOU'RE IN EARTH-CW!!!!


Blue Beetle is here now destroying the whole set w/ Booster in the middle of it :O Booster is hiding like a coward >_>;; So... odds on Clark or Booster being the one who talks him down? o_O Beetle is going to kill Cat now :O

This is SUCH a geeky episode xD I feel sorta bad for non comic fans... they wouldn't know what Skeets is talking about to Booster about football >_>;; YAY CLARK IN PHONEBOOTH CHANGE!!! Clark going to save Cat! Clark takes the energy blast! :D

WOW, Booster blasted Blue Beetle! :O Awesome! :DDD Uh oh.. Beetle is crushing Booster :O That suit looks like a mix between a Decepticon and Ironman :O

Booster is admitting to Jaime he's not a hero :o telling Jaime that he's not a hero but Jaime can be a hero and what Clark told him "the suit doesn't make the hero, fight it!" Awesome lines by Booster right now :D "you choose"

Awesome strength by Jaime too! :D He can do it! Now I know why Johns made him a loser, so he finally exerts his will in this scene :D


Jaime and Michael clasping hands :D Awesome awesome awesome :D Have no idea how much I'm smiling right now :)

Clark watched the whole thing and is pleased :)

AWWWWW Typical new smallville, SO FULL OF AMINESS AND HAPPINESS :D The way I want comics to be is how Smallville has ttlly been this episode, full of happiness, goodness, heroness and no random irrelevant violence, sex or bad writing while still being awesome actiony and smexy! :D

Commercial time! Final scene coming up! Hope that Clark keeps in contact w/ both Jaime and Booster :)

I rly hate how they homaged Dan Garrett by making him a murderer tho >:O Not much of a name drop Johns! >:\

Booster/Beetle hug was rly nice too :) :) :) Men hugging! :D (tho it's Booster, he played football, he's not afraid of hugging men! :D )

YAY Smallville is back! :D

Clark talking to Booster again :) Telling him he surprised him.. Booster now explaining his backstory to Clark and why he's doing this :) Booster is realizing his ego is hurting ppl :) I like that line "it was easier to lose than try to win" on him throwing games in the future.

Skeets is SO CUTE xD OOH reference to Booster's sister! :D

I like that they're pronouncing Jaime's name correctly :)

o_O Ted Kord says he'll be able to remove the scarab from Jaime? :o so this is JUST like Smallville... Kord becomes Beetle for a bit and Jaime will get the Scarab BACK later? -_-;; Are they doing old Smallville again where Ted gets the Scarab for a while and Jaime will get it back LATER? >_<;;

Hehehe... Booster jus gave Clark a Booster T-shirt (with the comic face on it) :3

OOHHH no :O Jaime doesn't want the Scarab removed! :D Jaime says he wants to keep it, to learn to use it and become a hero :D Awww AMAZINGLY CUTE BOOSTER/BEETLE MOMENT :D NEW SMALLVILLE DOES NOT LATE ME DOWN! :D And Booster gave credit for being a hero to Jaime :)

Lois got promoted! :D And Cat is now taking her old desk and partners with Clark xD "Clark's nice and all but he's a bit of a fixer upper but he's no Blur"


V Cute :)

Lois wears glasses sometimes? o_O

Clark is now getting used to the glasses :) But he's hurt by ppl thinking he's a loser :( Clark is worried that ppl think badly of Lois for having a loser fiance o_O;; Clark is becoming an MRA xD OH NOOEEEZZZZZZZZZ xD But of course Lois is AWESOME in Smallville now and wun let him being stupid about it! :D YAY KISS!!!!!!



w00000000000000000 :D


What a great awesome kickbutt episode (w/ one downside :( which I'll get to in a sec) :D I loved it from top to bottom (more or less) and that opening teaser alrdy got me thinking this is gonna be an awesome episode! :D Booster Gold was SPOT ON! He's EXACTLY what Booster SHOULD be and exactly what I imagined him to be if he existed irl xD The actor has his cockiness and also his humanity and insecurity down to a T :D And I liked how Johns wrote him and had him be both overtop and a scared self-doubting/hating person and how he grew as a character at the end :) Plus Skeets is pretty awesome too for a char that unfortunately never shows up :( (he's only a voice coming out of Booster's earpiece :( ) but Skeets is bang on too and hearing him and Booster talk was a geeky joy :D

Jaime was also rly good :) I initially rly disliked the way he was being portrayed as Peter Parker: the loser who bumbles around and everybody is mean to, but I see what Johns was trying to do, making the Scarab the first "bully" that Jaime has ever stood up to :) And I thought it worked rly well even if it's not the Jaime we know exactly from the comics but I ultimately rly liked it and thought it did work for the way Johns was trying to interpret the Superman/Booster/Jaime dynamic :) (Clark having to learn to be okay with his loser side from HS, and also learning how to be a public hero from Booster, Booster learning what it rly means to be a hero and Jaime learning the other side of what it means, to stand up for yourself and others :) )

Yay! :D

And the Clark/Lois stuff was rly cute too, and I thought the way Johns wrote Clark, having him be uncomfortable adopting the loser persona b/c he feels that he's going backwards was v real :) Also that he projected onto Lois w/ the "well what about you? what if ppl think you're married to a loser?" and having Lois, in typical awesome S10 Smallville fashion, be fine w/ it was a rly great bit of reinforced characterization there :) V cool :) (I just wish that Clark can be himself in both forms, like how in Lois and Clark Superman was akin to a god so that's why nobody suspects regular person Clark, but if you're gonna go w/ this version of "loser" Clark then at least they're doing a good job w/ it :) )

It was nice to see Ted too even tho he didn't do nething. It's possible he might become Blue Beetle LATER in this continuity (it wouldn't be the first time things happened out of order in Smallville world xD) but either way, it's still nice to see him :) The actor didn't rly work for Ted to me tho, cuz he was more sinister and sneaky rather than goofy and amusing like we generally see Ted as xD

The ending was rly good too :) This is yet another S10 Smallville episode where a hero talks down a potential villain and I rly am starting to like this trend in Smallville :) Rather than the initial season Smallvilles which was filled with Clark doing hte "might makes right" thing and just beating up (or killing, however inadvertant) the "freak of the week"s, now we have real comic heroism: being a good person, talking preferred to fighting, and showing that being a good caring person can save the day as often as being a strong guy with laser beam eyes :) And that's not just an awesome message, it's awesome superhero storytelling in my book and why I am RLY enjoying the last few seasons of Smallville, we're FINALLY SEEING real heroes :D

And now to the one part I HAD a problem w/ which you prolly can all guess at this point -_-;; Yup, it's the namedrop of Dan Garrett :( It was nice that Johns dropped him in, and I was RLY excited when I heard his name at first, I was hoping that it'd turn out he was one of the old heroes in the past along with the JSA, but it turned out he was not :( Instead he's just some random scientist who got the Scarab and became a killing machine and killed ppl :( Rather than an example of the good that can be done w/ the Scarab and a hero to look up to, he's just sacrificed as fodder for the writers to show "this is what happens if you can't control the Scarab!" -_- And they could use ANY person for that role. Why namedrop Dan just to use him in that role? :\ If you're gonna do a geeky reference that only comic book fans will get, then you should do it in a way that they'll enjoy too :) So that was the one down spot for me :( And a bit of a nitpick I know >_>;;

On that point tho, I worried at first that the intense amount of comic references in this episode would make it v difficult for Smallville ONLY watchers to get into, but given that they eventually explained everything at the end (and in fact it made the football reference kind of a neat foreshadow to make viewers go "hmm so he's a football player!" if they got it :) ) I think they pulled it off well, and maybe even got a few Smallville-only watchers wanting to read comics! (and BOY WILL THEY BE DISSAPOINTED xD Tho if they read Johns stuff they will find a lot of stuff they'll like since Johns writes comics like he writes TV and movies, big simple and fun xD and COLOURFUL, like Legion and JSA, there was a lot of colour to this episode, and the heroes all looked like the way they should and it was AWESOME :D )

As for the visuals, Smallville often takes a lot of heat for skimping on the special FX, and they often DO and I doubt it's nething they can rly control, but this episode made use of the SFX they had quite well, and the way the story played out meant that I didn't feel cheated we didn't see Superman fight Booster or Beetle, b/c it ended w/ a talking down that fit the story well :) And when we did, it was pretty awesome :) Booster flying off, the Beetle suit going on Jaime, Beetle blasting away, Booster blasting Beetle, etc :) V cool, and v worth it :) And I think the Beetle suit looked about as good as it could look on TV w/o it being a big budget movie or animated :) So ... pretty nifty! :D

Oh yeah and before I finish, I like the inclusion of Cat in this episode too :) In a way she's Lois' Booster, somebody w/ the potential to be great, but isn't there yet, and Lois is helping her figure it out the way Clark helped Booster :) Yay! :D

So yus, great episode (except for that ONE LITTLE BIT) w/ awesome writing and foreshadowing (LOVE all the little hints and things Booster drops about Clark's future :3 ) and a wonderful awesome message and ending :) Am v v pleased w/ this episode, and rly rly impressed that it lived up to all the expectations I, and so many other pp,l have had for it :D I literally was like IT'S TWO EPISODES TO BOOSTER!!! IT'S ONE EPISODE TO BOOSTER!!! W00T! :D But then I shouldn't be surprised cuz Johns has knocked every episode he's done in Smallville out of the park and has done an excellent job bringing the comic book world to TV, keeping it both colourful and believable :) *thumbs up* (also SRSLY CW LET'S SPINOFF SMALLVILLE AND GIVE JAIME A SERIES NOW! :D YUS YUS YUS! I say great idea! :D xD )

Oh and before I go one more thing, I was rly worried that this episode would be all geek and not much meat, and that outside of going OMG BOOSTER and OMG BEETLE, there wouldn't be much point to the episode, but it was not, even if you dunno who they are, besides making you want to FIND OUT :D, you would enjoy the episode and enjoy the themes it was playing on and tying into Clark's final steps to being Superman :)

Angelwings Rating: 4.9 out of 5 super fun awesome Boosters and Beetles :D (the .1 taken off is for the crummy Dan Garrett reference :( other than that, win all the way! :D )

Recommendation: YUS WATCH THE CRAP OUT OF THIS THING IF YOU CAN (or if you can DL it) :D Srsly, even for ppl who HATE Smallville but love the comics, it wun dissapoint :) DOOO ITTTTTT >_>;; :D

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