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Nancy Drew - #3 Review

Nancy Drew - #3 "The Haunted Dollhouse"

Synopsis: It's Nostalgia Week in River Heights so everybody is wearing clothes from the 1930s and Nancy Drew is driving a 1930s roadster (loaned from a local antique car dealer) instead of her usual red hybrid. :3 Bess and George are in costume as well but George complains about having to go w/o technology for a week. xD

They go to city hall for speeches and an Emma Blavatsky is introduced as a partner in the whole event. :o She says that in honour of her puchasing an old mansion in the town recently, she's putting on display a dollhouse replica of the mansion she came into possession of. She also warns that it's believed to be haunted :O




Nancy looks into it w/ a magnifying glass and is amazed at the level of detail inside it. She then notices that a thief doll is stealing one of the paintings inside the dollhouse! :O They get to the mansion and it turns out there WAS a break in and theft at the same time! :O Emma is there by the time they get there w/ the chief of police, and she begins speaking about ghosts and spirits which Nancy rolls her eyes at. Nancy wonders why a ghost would need to break a window to enter the mansion, or leave footprints? Emma responds by saying they controlled whoever did it. The chief believes that she's crazy. >_>

Nancy and friends go back to city hall where she tries to check the security camera but is told that it's broken. :o The dollhouse scene has now changed and it appears somebody is stealing a horse! :O

Nancy then takes Ned to the mansion near a famous tree that suddenly appeared in the dollhouse scene and they have a picnic that is rly an excuse for Nancy to make sure nobody is stealing horses! :O Suddenly Deidre (Nancy's HS dramuh nemesis who Nancy seems to be oblivious to her nemesisnessness... xD) shows up... riding a horse! :O She mocks Nancy, ignores her warnings and tries to hit on Ned (as is her wont >_>) She then goes to ride away but suddenly the masked thief from before shows up and spooks the horse, throwing her off! :O Nancy tells Ned to distract the thief and then gets on the horse to ride it away but she hits a snag and is thrown off and the thief escapes with the horse D:

She has a dream where she's a doll and trapped but then wakes up in her home w/ her housekeeper watching over her. :)

Nancy tries to talk to the police chief but he mocks her >_> She then takes a sleeping back and stays at city hall next to the doll house and at night she witnesses the dolls actually moving!!!!!!!!!! :O


End Chapter 1 :o

Chapter 2! :D

The security guard comes rushing in hearing Nancy make some noises and prevents Nancy from cracking open the glass case surrounding the house to find out what's going on b/c it's private property. The police are called, but the police chief doesn't take any action against Nancy b/c he himself has wanted to break open that dollhouse too :O

The next day, Nancy, Bess and George go to the jewellry store that looked like what was in the doll house post the dolls moving and the scene changing o_o They browse when suddenly the same masked robber from before shows up, snatches a necklace and runs off :O Nancy chases after him but he vanishes :O Nancy finds tire tracks which continues to support her idea that this is not a ghost but a real person.

A random scene where the three heroines are at a soda shop and Deidre shows up to mock Nancy happens. >_>;;;

At night, Nancy attends a big town party on an old steamboat. :o She dances w/ Ned for a while but retires to the balcony to think about the mystery when Emma Blavatsky walks up next to her and tells her again of her believe in spirits and offers Nancy the chance to talk w/ them.. in a seance! :O dun dun dunnn >_>

Nancy takes her up on her offer and she and her friends go to Emma's mansion to do it :O Nancy remains skeptical the entire time and her thought boxes explain to us what Emma is doing to fool them the whole time the seance is going on :3

As they're leaving the house after the fake ghost appearance, Nancy explains to her friends what happened, and while she's explaining about the hidden crevices in the furniture, she realizes something about the dollhouse! :O They rush back to city hall and she looks under the dollhouse stand and finds a locker lodged underneath :O She again insists they take the display apart but the police chief shows up and won't let her because it is owned by Emma. :o Then they realize that the scene has changed and a doll of Nancy is lying dead on the ground next to the old mansion!!!!! :OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO


Chapter 3! :D

Of course this means Nancy must go to the old mansion to check out what's going on xD However, when they're almost there, her car runs out of gas, because Nancy has a tendency to get so wrapped up in a mystery she forgets to fill her car up, and the old car runs out of gas even faster than her new hybrid o_o Also she and her friends don't have cellphones to call for help because Nancy won't let them because it's Nostalgia Week -_-;; So they walk in the rain to the mansion where she's fated to die. They see a police car at the mansion, where the police chief had an officer watching the mansion just in case :O However, Nancy insists they go inside rather than radio for help, because she wants to take a look around first. When they get inside they see from a window that the police car is gone now and Nancy's old roadster is there, JUST LIKE IN THE DOLLHOUSE WHERE SHE WAS SHOWN AS DEAD! :OOOO


Nancy insists on continuing and goes upstairs to find out more but Bess and George are grabbed from behind by the mysterious burgler! :O Nancy doesn't notice, cuz she's Nancy, and in the top floor room she finds all of the missing loot! And from the window she can see the horse that was stolen across the field under a bridge :O But as she looks, a shadowy figure approaches her from behind! :O

Meanwhile, Bess and George are locked in a room w/ the police officer knocked out cold :o George tells Bess to look for some way to call for help and Bess finds a large old-fashioned wall phone :O But before they can do nething, George is attacked by the burgler (who apparently locked himself IN the room w/ them) and calls for Bess to help! :O Bess rips the phone off the wall and knocks the Burgler out w/ it xDDDD

Back to Nancy now, who's figured out the mystery but suddenly a sekrit door opens in the wall near her! She follows the hidden staircase up and finds herself on the top balcony when suddenly somebody tries to push her off the roof! :O She fights the person off and unmasks her and it turns out to be... Emma Blavatsky! (of course >_>) She tells Nancy that she's broke and that if ppl believed the dollhouse was TRULY haunted, it would sell for a fortune, along w/ the book and film rights and she'd be rich... RICCCCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! MUHAHAHAHAHA... but first Nancy has to be dead... >_>;;; (ohyeahalsoshesmuggledhernephewintothecountrytohideinsidethedollhousedisplaythewholetimewithmagnets >__> also she refilled Nancy's car w/ gas and drove it to the house and then ran back in to kill her >______________>)



Nancy is shocked that Emma confessed but Emma says she only did so b/c Nancy will be dead neways! MUHAHAHAHA >_> She then tries to push Nancy off but fails and falls off herself! :O Nancy then helps her up and Emma promises to go peacefully :o However, AS Nancy brings her down the staircase she betrays her and tries to kill Nancy again! :O She sees her nephew below and says they can still bring Nancy to the roof and throw her off O_O;;; BUt her nephew is w/ Bess, George and the police chief and has been arrested! :O Bess and George explain that using their tech and magical mechanical powers, they fixed up the antique phone to be able to call the police chief and he came here just in time! They arrest Emma and all is good w/ the world! Nancy says that George and Bess are so amazing they should start their own detective agency (or at least commission themselves off to repair superhero cars and space stations and invisible jets >_> )

The next day, Nostalgia Week is over, and George is so happy to get all her gadgets back but then freaks out when Bess puts a George shaped doll on her shoulder to freak her out O_O;;; Everybody has a good laugh and the credits roll!

DOOO DOOO DOOOOO DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! (that was supposed to be whacky 70s sitcom ending music >_>)

Review: HOLY CRUMBS WHERE TO START!? O_O;;;;; xDDD Actually I found this book quite fun! At least in that there's a lot of running around, the lack of gadgets made things a LITTLE more interesting, even if it made no sense (more on that later) and George and Bess have a lot of amazing scenes. xD Plus, it's another fairplay mystery, and you could figure this one out from the pieces provided... THO...

what threw me was the magnets. I knew it HAD to be magnets.. but the dolls move like REAL PEOPLE and magnets can't do THAT -_- nor could magnets change the ENTIRE SCENE and turn a mansion into a jewellry shop... or make dolls APPEAR suddenly (like the Nancy Drew doll) and THAT really bugged me... I figured out the mystery cuz it's the ONLY WAY it could be... but nothing about it MADE SENSE >_<;;;

Talking about not making sense, the big reveal... HOLY WTF (i need to say something different than holy crumbs all the time XD which is my new catchphrase of the month >_> ) :o Okay, so it's another villain that is doing crazy things cuz they're broke... that's.. fine. >_> I mean it's the plot of the first book and it becomes the plot of MANY of the books later too xD But... there's SO MANY WAYS this could have gone wrong... for one... what if her nephew had been caught trying to steal the horse (he almost was, Nancy just got unlucky and fell off the horse and Ned was too crappy to actually TACKLE him when they were next to each other xD) Or what if he hadn't been successful stealing the jewels? (I'm shocked that even tho the chief had the same thoughts as Nancy he didn't have police near that jewellry store -__-) or he had been caught in the car fleeing the store? And how did he get the car THERE w/o Nancy noticing thru the storefront? It just MAGICALLY APPEARED to get him away and then all Nancy had to prove a car was there was tire tracks? o_O also in broad daylight aren't there PEOPLE ON THE STREET who would see the guy and therefore convince the chief that Nancy is NOT crazy and that it's NOT a ghost!?

And do ppl often mistake guys wearing a ski mask as being ghosts? o_O

Emma as the bad guy was also RLY obv cuz she shows up that much and clearly has a lot invested in ppl believing the dollhouse was haunted.

I have no idea how her grown adult nephew fit inside that little piller supporting the dollhouse or got OUT of there w/o Nancy, or the security guard, or the police chief noticing, EVER. Esp when the dollhouse was on display in front of everybody at city hall. How long was he IN there!?

Was Emma FEEDING the horse? How did she manage to hide a horse on that property when the police keep searching it cuz it's the house in the dollhouse scene where crimes keep being shown? o_O How do you hide a horse underneath a bridge from everybody!? o_O Don't horses sometimes make noises?!?

And how did she predict that Nancy would run out of gas? And why would she KNOW this beforehand so she had gas to bring w/ her to refill the car!? And if she didn't plan this, then she improvised REALLY REALLY FAST... cuz she got OUT of the house, somehow, got into the car, drove it to the mansion, got rid of the police car, and then ran upstairs to kill Nancy O_O She's very active for an old woman! She should be commercials for vitamin supplements O_O;;

And her nephew... after kidnapping Bess and George and putting them in the same room you have the unconscious cop... WHY WOULD YOU LOCK YOURSELF IN THE ROOM WITH THEM!? Was he planning to KILL them? And why would you wait for them to wake up AND THEN TRY TO KILL THEM!? If not.. wtf was he doing!? (there's another thought but honestly I don't think a book where the audience is for kids and not a DC "for kids" would imply that... so.. yeah.. besides... wouldn't you tie them up at least? >_> ) It's just... RAWRRRRR xD You bad guys DESERVED TO BE CAUGHT!

And I just LOVEEEEE how they are SUCH sticklers to the rules of fight club Nostalgia Week that they can't even do things that could.. y'know.. save their lives... Like bring cellphones JUST IN CASE.. or a flashlight... or use the internet or computers to research the dollhouse like George wanted to. xD Nancy scolds George saying that ppl solved mysteries before technology. Well... sort of... how many do you think were wrong or false arrests, or that they just COULDN'T solve xD Also.. you're also assuming that the BAD GUYS PLAY BY THE SAME RULES! Given that they use modern cars and such to commit crimes, it's pretty obvious THEY DO NOT... srsly... Nancy is lucky that her need to follow the rules didn't kill her >_>;; xD


Nancy's ability to not pay attention to her well being is also extremely dangerous and truly legendary here xD After figuring out the mystery, she figures it's a good idea to go up a suddenly opened door that leads to the roof where the dollhouse (and by now she KNOWS why it keeps predicting things) says she'll die... and doesn't watch her back. She's only lucky that Emma was so tired from all her running around and hiding of cars xD

Emma is a great supervillain tho xD Srsly.. she's like a Batman villain... needlessly complicated plans... gimmicks to predict and telegraph her plans... incompetent sidekicks xD I'm shocked she didn't say "good help is so hard to find these days" at the end (before shooting her nephew w/ a joker "bang!" gun >_> )

But srsly, she's part of why I like the story.. cuz she's such a great mUHAHAHAHA over the top supervillain (who doesn't give up on trying to kill the hero after her first try fails xD silly trusting Nancy >_> ) .. .I'd actually rly like it if she returned.. she seems like a good foil for Nancy and I like the way she thinks xD

The other part is just how goofy the whole thing is xD I mean it's bad, but it's FUN bad... the plot makes sense, in that sure it's POSSIBLE... just... when you think about how it could actually be implemented it's just so silly xD All the coincidences and remarkable feats of dexterity and endurance by the bad guys necessary and the incompetence of the police xD It rly is a Batman story xDDDD

Plus, having Nancy romp around in the old roadster in the type of outfit she was in in the original books, was cute... a little nostalgic trip for 90 year old fans xD ... and girls who grew up reading the originals :3 (and not the remakes of the originals)

And George and Bess are rly at their best here! Esp Bess... 30s TELEPHONE-FU! WHACK! xDD i just love the effectiveness of the 3 of them as heroes. There's no panicky or typical girl flailiy or crying or other stuff when they're kidnapped. What? Bad guy? RIP THE PHONE OFF THE WALL AND BEAT HIM W/ IT! xDDD <333

So much lurve xD Plus they manage to fix the thing AFTER AND somehow dial the police chief w/ it xDD (he srsly is like the only cop in River Heights too >_> except for the guy he sent who got knocked out... maybe it was a prototype police bot or something o_O He never appears to wake up xD)


And the ending was cute too just cuz,... Nancy's right.. HER FRIENDS ROCK!! Which is the other thing, I LOVE how much they're a team in this series and Bess and George aren't just side chars or meant to be the serious tomboy/silly femme girl combo... they rly are EXTREMELY useful and full heroes in their own right :D And this episode is a great example of that and another reason why I love it. xD Plus, I love that they show Nancy as being strong, focused and determined.. and she isn't afraid of threat of death either :D She's not just some girl playing at hero, she's a freaking hero >:D And that's ultimately why I love this series so much, and this book is a great early example of the strength and temerity of the 3 leads :D

And ultimately... I mean... it's fun... and isn't that what counts? xD I mean we put up w/ Batman plots that make less sense xD (or Supergirl plots that make no sense at all >_> AND there's no 1930s telephone fu either! xD )

Neways.. silly, flimsy, bold and fun :D

Oh yeah.. and Nancy fights yet another villain on a cliff/edge >_>

Angelwings Rating: 3/5

Recommendation: I'd say... yes :D Whether you just get lost in the childish fun and ignore the plot holes, or you find the crazy plot fun and hilarious, it's a fun book, and hits all the right notes in terms of characterization w/ Nancy's absentmindedness and determination and Bess and George's awesome kickass sidekicking :D

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aesmael said...

A housekeeper! Was her name Alfreda, by any chance?

This really was very convenient, and weird. Should have been called The Mystery of the Convenient Props, because I sure don't know where they got those conveniently resembling doll-things from. Or the time to be shuffling cars around while people aren't looking.

Maybe she didn't really refuel Nancy's roadster and drive it to the house. Maybe they just used magnets to make the police car look like a roadster, like how they used magnets to reshape all the other plots.

There's sure something suspicious going on here.