Saturday, August 11, 2007

Batman - #667 Review

Batman - #667

Synopsis: A Mysterious Person™ with a black glove tortures somebody hanging on a roulette wheel while talking about how The Black Glove provides excellent gambling opportunities for ppl. :o

Batman and Robin land in the Batplane on a secluded island where they are greeted by The First Knight, who is an English Batman (and the son of the original Knight that Batman knew) XD The Knight explains that the owner of the Island, John Mayhew, invited them to the island b/c they're the former members (or related to) the International Club of Heroes, but nobody's there.

Inside, the various heroes: Legionnary (from Italy), Gaucho (from Argentina), Musketeer (from France), Wingman (from Sweden), Ranger (from Australia) and Man of Bats (Native American) gather and eat food and brag to each other about how they used to be and how they are now. :o

Musketeer tells a story about how by accident, he killed a criminal and was arrested by Batman, but he wrote a book in jail and is now a millionaire. :O Wingman shows up in a pseudo-Batman robo costume, claiming that he came up with the persona a year before Batman XD

We're told that John Mayhew was a famous billionaire who didn't like to do stuff himself, and formed his own super team by collecting various Batman types all over the world to form the Internation Club of Heroes many years ago. They didn't last half an hour. :o

The First Knight introduces Robin to his sidekick, The Squire. :)

They finally reach the dining room where the heroes are assembled :D

A tv screen turns on and they see John's face but in fact it's not him but a mask MADE from his face (ew) and the bad guy underneath explains that John is dead and wonders if the world's greatest crimesolvers can solve the murder or will they die one by one :O

Batman tells everybody to find the room as they all split up. Outside the Batplane and boats and other vehicles that the heroes used to get here are destroyed. :O

The Legionnary finds a surveillance room but is stabbed from behind with 17 knives just like Caeser was! :O He manages to hit the murderer before dying. :(

The mysterious Black Glove watches all this and says that evil is winning and tells ppl to place their bets.

Review: :O Lots of tropes! XD

1) The Mysterious Person watching all of this

2) The Gambling Ring for ppl who are bored of Regular Sport and enjoy seeing Life and Death Games

3) The group of strange and washed up heroes reuniting

4) One person in the group being overweight and useless now, One person having spent time in jail, One person adapting to a darker modern age (Ranger becoming Dark Ranger), One person who is jealous of the hero's success

5) The invitation by a rich recluse to a mysterious dinner in a secluded mansion

6) The murder mystery

7) The serial killer killing the heroes with "fitting" themes

And yet this is a rly rly great story! :D

Possibly b/c Morrison isn't trying to BREAK cliches here, he's just using them but doing them rly well :) Which I think is great! There's a reason these stories are so classic, and that's b/c they WORK. Being different is not necessarily better XD And I love what he's done here :)

Usually I hate the "pull a story out of the Silver Age" thing that DC is doing lately but Morrison manages to make it very interesting :)

I WOULD have liked it if there was either better dialogue or some sort of narration box to tell us who's who. :( I had to wiki the names and that was hard b/c there's no entry for International Club of Heroes (it's under Global Guardians).

That's how obscure the original story is I guess XD

But it's explained well enuf and I like how ppl have aged but still kinda keep in touch (apparently Alfred mails them xmas cards according to another comic xD)

Reunions are geneuinly fun tho esp with all these lesser heroes XD

The Legionnary was a bit boring and I feel bad that he died first and never rly got to show that he's still useful. But that's the great thing about these stories, you never know who will be killed!

Except for Batman. :\

I bet you they'll be a fake Batman death at some point tho, where they THINK Batman is dead but he's not xD

I also hope that we get to see why these heroes are considered the "greatest crimebusters". Like that they're not all just cheap Batman knockoffs but they also all have good detective skills :3

Wingman is hilarious XD I luff how he does the "I came up with it before Batman" thing. XD Like sometimes you hear ppl say "oh I thought of the Matrix before the Matrix came out!"

It could be true XD But it sounds silly after the fact :(

I wonder why Nightwing didn't come tho since apparently ppl who grew up but were sidekicks back then are invited? :\

I guess Nightwing is too busy readying himself to be killed by Dan Didio XD

Neways! :D

I find this very interesting :) And I'm glad that Morrison used a little known group that had history with Batman to do this with and decided to use good writing to make the minor characters ppl we'd care about if they died, rather than something like Max Lord killing the JLI.

Oh wait...


But yus...


I can't wait for more! XD

Oh and the cover for the final issue of the arc looks so great! :D That's SUCH a heroic cover :)

Angelwings Rating: 5 out of 5 various Batmen! xD
Recommendation: Get! :D GET GET GET >:D Esp if you like murder mysteries!


b-b-billy said...

This issue was a lot of fun... I don't think there's an actual gambling ring though? I thought that was just Black Glove being flamboyant and villainous. He's pretty crazy wearing a man's face like a mask and all! I don't think Morrison's going to have Batman have a pointless fake death... He's been in the business for so long now that he'd realize nobody buys a cliffhanger where the hero of their own book seemingly dies!

What did you think of the artwork? J.H. Williams III is really awesome and Dave Stewart is a great colorist.

Ami Angelwings said...

I liked the artwork :)

I didn't mean a cliffhanger where we think that Batman died, but I mean a part where the OTHERS think Batman died :) Obviously he's still alive but the other chars may not know that if ppl are dropping like flies and it would be fun to see how they handle things on their own without Batman to guide them :)

Apparently (according to the solicits of the future issues), the Black Glove is leading the Club of Villains, so there's at least other ppl being involved. :\