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Birds of Prey - #108 Review

Birds of Prey - #108

Synopsis: The Secret Six gather themselves and get back into their car. Catman finds a note from Huntress saying that she likes nice guys and when he decides to be one she might still be interested. XD

Harley Quinn says she quits the team b/c Dan Didio thinks she'd be better in Countdown to get readership. >.>;;

Spy Smasher argues with the Birds on the plane ride home, trying to assert her authority.

When they return, Barbara challenges her to a fight and Manhunter hits her in the knee knocking her down. :O

Barbara fights Spy Smasher and beats her! :D

Angered, Spy Smasher gets up and starts to leave swearing to use her influence to bring Barbara down but is confronted by a large group of heroes! :O

They include:

Judo Master
Misfit (YAY!)
Power Girl
Conner Hawke
Green Arrow
Big Barda
Lady Shiva
Lady Blackhawk

and Black Canary who explains to her that all of the heroes support Barbara and that if Spy Smasher tried to exert her influence, they'd all band together and do bad things to her. :O

She leaves without a fight XD

Some girl talk ensues XD

Barbara then goes to an alley and finds Misfit, who, as she suspects is homeless. :O

Misfit explains that she never met her dad and her family was poor but got by okay. There was a fire b/c the landlord bribed the inspectors and she was forced to abandon her family by teleporting away b/c she can't teleport with other ppl and her mom wanted her to be safe :(

Barbara offers Misfit a home with the Birds and she accepts. :D

Review: Awwwww :(

Sad ;-;

I dunno. :( I might prefer Gail on Birds than Wonder Woman, just b/c it seems like the higher profile book you're on in DC nowadays, the more power the editors or whatever have over your story b/c of this "editorial driven" thingie they're doing now >:|

So she might be forced to write dumb plots that she wouldn't want to. Like Wonder Woman taking some time off to find herself as a stripper or something >:|

But still, this was a good farewell issue! :D

To me it seemed kinda impromptu tho? Clearly it didn't seem (to me neways) that Gail introduced Spy Smasher only to get rid of her a few issues later >.>;; So she prolly didn't expect to leave the book so soon for WW? :o

I munno. :o

It seemed a little rushed. :O

I almost feel bad for Spy Smasher being bullied like that! :O

But all the heroes together was cool! XDDD

I also like how the fight on the cover happens exactly that way in the book.

I know I read at least one person who was complaining non stop about it, but I never had a problem with Barbara fighting out of the chair.

How ELSE is she supposed to fight?

Disabled ppl are not USELESS outside their chairs!

As I kept saying, my best friend is in a wheelchair, he has a bad spine and weak legs, and one of his legs was amputated when he was younger. :(

But he does so much out of the chair! In fact he's often not in it. :o He can move around by himself with his arms, and climb stairs while bringing his chair up WITH him :D

If he was to fight he wouldn't just sit in his chair and roll over ppl's toes or something! XD

So I liked this! :D

I dunno if crippling Spy Smasher is such a good idea? It seems like it's "to make it fair"? But I dun think it's necessary, Barbara can beat her neways! :D

I just hated reading that person say that knocking a person out of their wheelchair is cruel. It's not possible that Barbara left it on purpose? It's not possible that she's NOT UTTERLY HELPLESS outside of it?

In fact that "compassion" seems more condescending to me than nething!

It'd be the same as saying a cover with Lady Shiva fighting Batman is "cruel" b/c it's a man fighting a woman and clearly unfair to the woman and mean to them. >.>;;

That's only true in the Beechen-verse where women suck even if they are the greatest martial artist in the world! XD

I thought the Misfit part was a bit over the top tho. :(

It reminds me of applications for an RPG I used to run which was about a school and ppl kept giving crazy applications where they tried to make themselves the most sympathetic character EVAR! Dead parents, dead siblings, abuse, etc... everybody was like trying to top the other!

One even literally wrote that her character had 14 dead siblings in her past (not due to a single event like a war or something)! >.>;;

How sympathetic does Misfit have to be?

I'm amused that Barbara says that she knew Misfit was poor b/c her costume wasn't very good. :o

That hasn't stopped every other superhero who doesn't have money from making a super awesome costume tho! XD Just ask Spider-Man >.>;;

But... if her dad left before she was born (as implied since she never met him), how does she have a baby sibling? She's like 12 supposedly when her brother/sister was a baby. Did her mom meet another guy? :o

It just seems like the baby was thrown in to make the family more sympathetic! :(

She's shown the ability to warp across the world :O Couldn't she have warped to the fire station to get help? :O

Or warp the wall away? She said that nothing living survived bouncing with her, but she can bounce with inanimate objects (or she'd be naked all the time) can't she? :o

Or have her mom jump out the window and warp underneath her, catch her, warp down another foot, catch her, etc.. eventually you'd reach ground... >.>;;

But obviously in a panic situation you prolly wouldn't think of that! XD

So I'm just coming up with alternatives, I'm not saying it's a bad story! :O

But it is a little over the top to my tastes? :\ And I'm all about tragic backgrounds! XD

I just didn't think she needed to be THAT TRAGIC.

In fact I kinda liked the idea she was rich and popular but preferred to be a hero cuz she was still lonely? :O

Or at least more normal. :(

I'm just tired of the orphaned/estranged/etc teenage superhero trope. :(

They even had to make Tim an orphan!

I guess for the same reason why you never see parents in teen drama shows and stuff. It makes it more annoying. It's more fun to write teenagers if they have no parental restrictions, or homework, or school. >.>;;

But still! It would be nice to have more teen heroes with families. :( Like the Blue Beetle! :D

I wish Misfit and Jaime would meet each other!

They'd be SOOOOO cute together! :D

Why IS Shiva back? Maybe she wants to go beat up Robin... or Adam Beechen! XD

I'm surprised Batman wasn't there. :O But he's prolly busy playing WoW on his laptop while Amazons destroy Washington DC! XD

I guess that throwaway line with Harley explains why she's in Countdown? >.>;;


I'm tired of these editorially driven storylines! >:|


I'm gonna miss Gail on BoP :( It was one of my favourite books and was one I could count on to be consistantly good, or at least not bad at the worst :D


Hopefully she gets enuf freedom on Wonder Woman to make it just as good! :D

*hugs to Gail* :)

Angelwings Rating: 4 out of 5 humiliated Spy Smashers :D
Recommendation: A great going away issue, and worth getting for BoP fans :)


Rob S. said...

I think having Batman in the group would have unbalanced the scene. With him on the scene, suddenly Canary's not the heavy hitter/squad leader/whatever Canary is. The most 'd have done is to draw his silhouette on a distant rooftop, just to show he's there and concerned. But even that -- "allowing" the BoP to handle it on their own -- is a little patronizing, so I'm happy they kept him out.

As for Harley, I think that line would have been in, Countdown or no Countdown. I'm sure Gail knew from the start she was a loaner from the Bat-office, and planned it that way.

Ami Angelwings said...

Hi Rob :D

It's true that Batman might unbalance the scene! But then.. it also seems weird that he wouldn't be there to support her but Nightwing would? Tho Nightwing's stock HAS fallen a lot. >.>;;

Maybe Batman confronted her on his own later! XD

That seems like his way >.>;;

I dunno about that about Harley tho. :\ It's sorta like the Black Canary thing, where she went off to take care of Sin, but then showed up in JLA b/c Meltzer wanted her there. :\

Maybe it might have been in without Countdown, but the fact that Countdown preceded BoP with Harley leaving, makes the line suspect to me. >.>;; Esp since she makes no sense being in Countdown.

LurkerWithout said...

I definately agree on Misfit's new "tragic" origin. What happened to people being heroes because they wanted to help? Not because they have deep, terrible angst to work out. Plus if you used the "rich lonely girl" angle you can do stories about her family finding out and trying to stop her from being a cape...

Tricia said...

She said that nothing living survived bouncing with her

How did she find out about that? Sounds like a recipe for more tragedy...

Joel Bryan said...

What's so funny about it is, Lady Shiva now makes the heroes list but Batgirl (who owes Barbara TONS) is nowhere to be found. Go DC!

Joel Bryan said...

That actually would've been a perfect moment for a Batfamily reconciliation, but missed opportunities. We'll have to wait to see what stumblin', bumblin', Robin-kissin' action Beechen gets her into in "Teen Titans" when Batgirl shows up there still effed the hell up.

Marr said...

I dunno if crippling Spy Smasher is such a good idea? It seems like it's "to make it fair"? But I dun think it's necessary, Barbara can beat her neways! :D

The way I saw it was that was the easiest way for Huntress to take Spy Smasher's guns out of the equation. That made it fair.

I just hated reading that person say that knocking a person out of their wheelchair is cruel. It's not possible that Barbara left it on purpose? It's not possible that she's NOT UTTERLY HELPLESS outside of it?

No, Barbara isn't helpless outside her wheelchair. But Spy Smasher's first thought is that she would be, making her pretty cruel-minded. Spy Smasher went with the method that she saw would give her the easiest victory, that's what made it cruel.

But boy was she wrong.

Rob S. said...

It would've been nice to see her, but I disagree that it'd been the perfect moment for a reconciliation -- it would really need more time than the issue could give to it. Especially since (as far as I know, as I've only been reading again since #100) Batgirl's problems with the rest of the Batfam haven't been established here, or at least haven't been referenced in quite some time. For some BoP readers, it's not an issue. I guess what I'm saying, Joel, is that in life, I agree -- it would've been the perfect time for Batgirl to begin to rejoin the fold. But considering Gail had 22 pages for this issue and 22 pages for the next (she's writing 109, too, right?), I'm glad she's focusing on wrapping up issues of her own run, rather than mopping up problems in the DCU at large.

And Ami, I think you're right -- anything Batkman would do, he'd do on his own. He's not really one for group pictures.

As for Harley, I think the timing of the line is just one of the scheduling/timing problems Countdown has brought on, and not a sign of Gail having the character wrested from her. It actually came off very naturally, IMO.

But I don't know any secrets about what's going on behind the curtain, so you may be right.

Ami Angelwings said...

I think that the reason it came off so naturally Rob is cuz Gail is a good writer XD And that was a very Harley-esque way to write it :)

And Marr, I was referring to a blogger who was incessantly blogging about how horrible it was that Barbara was out of the chair, how she's helpless out of it and how disabled ppl are helpless out of their chairs and to take them out is a crime worse than killing a baby, etc >.>

Trish, you have a good point! How DOES Misfit know about that flaw in her powers? She said she was happy and stuff before and enjoyed her powers, so there couldn't have been some sort of horrible incident where she killed ppl. And in order to make the broad generalization that "anything living" that travelled with her would die, she'd have to have at least some experience with living things. :o

Maybe she bounced with a plant? :O

B-B-Billy said...

I think the reason Batman wasn't in the scene was because he realized he had better things to do than show up for an impromptu group shot. I'm sorry but I thought that whole scene was stupid. Apparently none of those people, even the JLA and JSA members, have anything better to do than stand around for a couple of seconds to intimidate some woman they don't know? And the poignant Zinda scene from last issue seems to be hand-waved away with a simple "I got her a ride home", making it utterly pointless.

I'm not sure, I haven't read that many Gail Simone comics, but she seems to have a thing for splash pages that might seem neat at first glance but when you think about them they make no sense. Like the final page in issue 107, where Barbara takes her fighting sticks out of the cupboard and strikes a pose with them. That might be a cool moment, but it makes absolutely no sense. Why pose with those things if there's nobody around to even see it?