Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Week of Mar 21, 2007 Super Short Reviews :]

Hi! :D I'm back! In more ways than one actually :(

I was put on thyroid medication about 7 weeks ago, and the side effects completely wiped me out :( They started 3 weeks in and progressed until I stopped taking them a week and a bit ago >:| However, it takes 3 weeks to leave my system, and my mood just died. :( I got rly depressed last week, completely listless and suicidal too :( It was awful!!!! D:

However, I'm improving now :) I have most of my happy back :D

That's why there were not many reviews :(

Sorries ;-;

Neways, today I got:

52 - #46
Birds of Prey - #104
The Brave and the Bold - #2
Checkmate - #12
Detective Comics - #830
Ion - #12 (of 12)
Supergirl - #15

Hmm.. Yus, I got Supergirl >.>;;

I officially dropped Batman Confidential this week tho :O I just rly am not enjoying that book, and the art is just awful :\ Nightwing is prolly getting dropped too :O

Also Green Lantern, Catwoman, Wonder Woman, Robin and the Teen Titans once Beechan's run starts might be possible drops. >.>;;

The reason isn't that I rly hate those comics (altho there is that too XD) but also that my money situation is becoming a little more tight, and I rly can't afford to spend so much money on comics every week :(

Here are the super short reviews! :D

52 - #46 - Exciting! :D Lots of super-geniuses vs. Black Adam stuff :O The ending is not what you'd expect :| But we're only 4 issues away from WW3. What happened to Batwoman (who still has no character XD) and Booster Gold? :O 4/5 Angelwings :)

Birds of Prey - #104 - One of the best issues of this series I've read recently :D I greatly enjoyed this one, and the inclusion of the Secret Six makes things more fun :D The ending is interesting tho! :O Are they rly bringing another long dead character back? :O 5/5 Angelwings

The Brave and the Bold - #2 - Waid needs to write Supergirl ALWAYS. :D Clearly, he's decided to ignore Kelly's Supergirl and just write the Kara that's in his Legion series :D I also rly like how this plot is shaping up with all the heroes pairing up and then getting split up, and then meeting new heroes to team up with :3 Plus Supergirl is super cute and helpful! This is a Supergirl I can like :D Also lots of panty shots of her tho :O However, I think that's better than what Churchill does which is NEVER show a hint of underwear on her, almost like she doesn't wear any o_o 4/5 Angelwings

Checkmate - #12 - The plot thickens! I rly liked this issue and that sides are now being drawn in Checkmate. :) As well we finally get an "anti-Waller" to oppose Amanda Waller :D A great story with excellent characterization of Fire :] 5/5 Angelwings

Detective Comics - #830 - These filler stories aren't very good XD This is another story involving "uber-Robin" (as Lostintube put it) where Robin is super good at everything and Batman is always super nice to him. >.>;; I dun rly know what the point of this story was other than "terrorism = bad". >.> 2/5

Ion - #12 (of 12) - Poor Kyle :( I feel rly bad for him :\ His friendship with Donna grows tho, and I rly like seeing those two together :D Awwwwwww :] Sadly, this is the end of the series, but there's no resolution. We rly dun learn much about what's going on with the Monitors or what the Guardians are keeping from the Lanterns :( I was hoping to learn SOMETHING! B/c of that, this story is a bit of a dissapointment :\ Ion went on some adventures, but ultimately we're back where we started, mostly. 2.5/5

Supergirl - #15 - I predicted at the end of #14 what would happen. :\ And I was right :( It's a very simple, very cliched take on an abusive relationship, complete with typical Supergirl ending. >.>;;; However, Churchill is finally forced to draw panties on Supergirl, proving that she DOES wear something down there >.<;;; And then he draws this. e_e It's strange that that's actually the least thin she's been, yet she looks rly wrong :\ Joel, some help? :] 1.5/5

Neways that's about it. :O

I'll put up the super short reviews soon! :D Hopefully I'll have time this week to put up back reviews too! :D

Take care! :D

<3 Teh Ami


Jen said...

Awwwwwww, stay better Ami! You've been missed!

As always, your reviews are spot-on. I dropped Batman: Confidential, too. It just really wasn't standing out for me. You might want to hang onto Catwoman a bit longer, though, because it will be the book leading into Countdown. Maybe it'll pick up after that?

Marr said...

Well, at least you're better now. I hope that you can do some back reviews. Specifically for Martian Manhunter #8, as I am curious as to what you thought about it. (I liked it anyway.)

And that picture of Supergirl DOES look wrong. I think it's the shape of her hips that do it. Also, Supergirl's skirt has gone from being a microskirt to just a party streamer attached to a belt strapped around her waist.

Marr Vell