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Star Trek: Khan - Ruling In Hell

Star Trek: Khan - Ruling In Hell

Published by: IDW Publishing
Written by: Scott Tipton and David Tipton
Art by: Fabio Mantovani
Colouring by: Fabio Mantovani and Chiara Cinabro
Lettering by: Neil Uyetake


The SS Botany Bay and a few cargo containers from the USS Enterprise land on Ceti Alpha V. Khan Noonian Singh is reading Moby Dick when Captain Kirk approaches him and gives him the honour of being the first to step on his new home, which Khan appreciates :) Khan surveys his new home and is pleased while Scotty asks Kirk if this is a good idea and Kirk says that it's better than risking Khan take over a re-education facility or a starbase given how fast he took the Enterprise.

Kirk wishes Khan the best as they shake hands and Kirk beams off. One of Khan's followers named Tamas curses Kirk for stranding them there but Khan tells him not to b/c Kirk proved that he is nobody's inferior when he beat Khan and took back the Enterprise, and that given that Khan tried to take Kirk's ship, it was more than generous for Kirk to let them settle on a planet rather than incarcerate them. :) Khan is excited at the prospect of taming the new world :D

Khan's loyal friend Joachim (who is also in Star Trek II) expresses doubts as well but trusts Khan and is reassured by him that things will be okay :)

Khan reflects briefly on his past: how he was genetically engineered and that he and his kind took over much of Earth and established empires, but that the regular humans eventually rebelled and he was forced to flee with other superhumans and decided that it was better to go into space than face defeat on Earth. He then recaps being awoken by the Enterprise on his sleeper ship, and taking it over easily w/ his men but that he underestimated Kirk and ultimately lost. However he credits Kirk for not punishing him and offering him a new life and a chance to build a new empire :)

Khan starts by organizing search parties to explore their new home. We see montages of days, weeks and months passing as they discover the dangers of the planet and the weird plants and animals that inhabit it. As dangerous as it is at first, with people being attacked and captured by plants, 6 months later, they have already built cabins and mastered how to hunt and kill the animals :)

Khan gives a stirring speech that night w/ Marla Macgyvers (the Enterprise historian who fell in love w/ him and came w/ him to the planet as his wife) about how much they've accomplished in such a short amount of time and how this will be a great civilization that will eventually take it's place among the stars :3

He and Marla kiss in the starlit sky... but then there is an explosion in the night sky! :O Khan determines using futuristic binoculars that Ceti Alpha VI exploded :| Khan assures his followers that everything will be fine, but Tamas is skeptical. Joachim believes him even though he too is worried.

Khan confides to Marla that it may not be fine, but is confident that if there is any problem, Kirk will return b/c he believes Starfleet must be monitoring the situation, as much for their own sake as for the colonists.

6 Months later things on the planet are deteriorating. Plants and animals are dying and the world is no longer lush and vibrant. Joachim and Tamas are talking. Joachim is hopeful, believing that it could just be a natural seasonal change of the planet, but Tamas believes it has to do with the explosion of Ceti Alpha VI.

A piece of debris from Ceti Alpha VI then impacts in the distance, causing a mushroom cloud which makes Tamas believe he is more right than ever.

Back in the Botany Bay, Joachim asks Khan if there is a way to send a signal but Khan says that all the Botany Bay can do is send radio signals and nobody would be able to get them in time. He says that Kirk is an honourable man, and will return to help them.

Tamas and his loyalists believe Khan is being foolish and confront him, Marla and Joachim :o They argue w/ Khan saying that there is nothing that can be done at the moment but wait for help and again reiterates that Kirk will be back. Tamas calls him a traitor and mocks his irrational faith in Kirk, who he sees as the cause of all their problems and Khan's weakness in losing to him. :o

This enrages Khan who backhands Tamas :o He tells Tamas that they can only prepare for a worsening situation until Kirk comes and Tamas obeys even though it is clear he has other plans. Khan mutters that Kirk will come. :(

Three months later, the world is becoming more inhospitable and cold as winds blow dead leaves and debris everywhere. Joachim tells Khan that the river is dry and the wells are drying up and that the hunting parties don't even bring back enough to support the energy expended in the hunt :( He says that it keeps getting colder but they don't have enough pelts to make furs to keep warm.

Khan orders all fabric and upholstery to be stripped from the Botany Bay and turned into coldweather clothing. They then go to check on "the patients" :o Apparently during the last few months, several colonists have gotten mysteriously ill. The illness starts with madness and then turns into paralysis and death. :o Tamas walks in and talks about how paralysis is a terrible thing and how awful it is to be unable to move or save yourself. He then notes pointedly to Khan that at least the infected ppl did not CHOOSE to be paralyzed. :o

Tamas speaks to other colonists who are loyal to him that things are getting worse, that the meteorite impacts have caused a nuclear winter and that the planet's orbit shifting has only compounded the problem. :( He suggests Khan is not willing to make the hard decisions necessary to save his people. Tamas says that even though they owe Khan everything for helping them escape Earth, Khan seems unable to make hard decisions to save the colony and that he is foolishly hoping for a rescue that will never come. :o He suggests that soon it will be up to them to make the hard decisions o_o

Joachim tells Khan that all attempts to create a subspace transmitter has failed, and the knowledge from the Enterprise's databanks suggests that there's no way they could do it. Khan gets angry and chases Marla and Joachim out and begins to brood about how his people are dying and yet Kirk is still not here. :(

Khan and his people push and weld the cargo containers together to create a sand proof and wind proof place for them to live. He bitterly says that these containers are the last "gift" from their friend Kirk.

Elsewhere in a cave, Tamas and his followers plot. They agree that it would be impossible to assassinate Khan as he doesn't trust anybody enough to let them near him. Tamas says that he trusts Marla. The followers are horrified at what he is suggesting, but Tamas says that Marla is not one of them, and that it needs to be done. :o

Back in the cargo shelters, Joachim and Khan are tending to the ill. Joachiim reveals to Khan that he has discovered is behind the mysterious illness that has afflicted some of his men: a tiny eel that crawled out of one of the corspe's ear :o Joachim suspects that they were subterrainian animals that came to the surface in search of food, i.e. human brains :o He also believes there is a mother creature out there that they have not found :o

Joachim then tells Khan that there is another symptom he's discovered of the afflicted :o He orders one of the patients out of bed and to stand on his head. Khan is amazed as the patient does so. :o Joachim says that afflicted patients are very susceptable to "suggestion". Khan takes Joachim with him to hunt for the mother eel to find a cure.

While outside doing an errand, Marla is captured by Tamas' men and brought to the rebel cave :o Tamas puts the eel in Marla's ear :(

Meanwhile, Khan and Joachim are out looking for the mother creature and finds it. She leaps out at Khan but Khan catches her with a gloved hand and brings it back where they put it in the plastic container we see it in in Star Trek II. :o

Khan and Joachim analyze the creature and talk about ways to get the eels to leave. They dismiss surgery and flushing with water when Marla approaches Khan from behind and tries to stab him! :O Khan manages to stop her but finds out she is infected :( She dies in a few hours and Khan realizes that this was no accident. >:O

Khan realizes that in the case that she failed, the rebels must be up to something else. He and Joachim go to the power generator to find that it is missing :O He gets angry that he has been betrayed like this and that the only person he truly cares about has been taken from him :( He says that this is now war.

Khan and Joachim forge weapons for his loyalists to wield and Khan gives a speech to rally his troops while Tamas rallies his. Both armies march out into the desert to battle. It is a vicious battle but Khan's side has the advantage :o Khan sees Tamas observing the battle rather than fighting in it and pursues him into the cave :O

Inside the cave, Tamas ambushes Khan but Khan defeats him. Joachim arrives to tell Khan that his forces have won and there were fewer casualties than he had feared. :) Tamas attacks Khan from behind but Khan is prepared and stabs him, killing him :(

Joachim congrulates Khan for his victory and that he has proven his superior intellect. Khan looks around the cave and discovers it has mushrooms and other fungus and clean water, ensuring their survival. :)

Khan goes back to the cargo containers and rips off the broken Starfleet symbol that was on the side of the container and turns it into a pendant around his neck as an ironic reminder of who stranded them on the planet and abandoned them.

Years pass.

One day Khan and his band see a pair of transporter beams in the distance. They go to the cargo containers and see Captain Terrell and Chekov exit them in spacesuits. Khan says that their salvation has arrived and to greet their guests...


I wonder what happens next? :o



I wasn't sure what I was expecting when I picked this up in my local library but I dun think I was expecting a story that had so little going on but yet so much character development :) I thought maybe lots happened to embitter Khan, but I think it's rly effective that it wasn't like all sorts of crazy happenings or creatures or something :)

Also I didn't think I'd feel so bad for everybody :( I sympathized with both Tamas and Khan. They rly did their homework w/ watching "Space Seed" and also extrapolating from that episode what Khan's personality was like pre-Star Trek II and how being defeated by Kirk would affect him. I rly felt bad that he felt betrayed by Kirk and also shocked that the Enterprise or another ship DIDN'T come back to check up on them -_-;; I mean even if you thought that the explosion was Ceti Alpha V, Starfleet would still check it out wouldn't they? Especially since they know how smart and dangerous Khan can be, wouldn't they be worried that a planetary explosion could be caused BY him? Or just to make sure that he wasn't discovered by some other ship and made his escape? As Khan says, it's in their best interests to help... but no :(

That to me was the one weakness of the book. I was thinking about halfway through that they were going to flash to the Federation and give us a plausible explanation as to why nobody checked on Khan, that way we know that Khan is raging against innocent people. :\ But it seems his greivances have some foundation -_-;; (I'm also shocked how Starfleet can be so out of it that they dunno that the planet Ceti Alpha VI blew up and Ceti Alpha V is not Ceti Alpha VI... I mean just COUNTING the planets should alert you something's up, besides all the math and astronomy that would let you know what happened in that solar system)

I rly like how they made Khan kinda trusting... even if he's "evil" he was a born and bred noble. And in that way he kind of shows that he has noble simple principles. Also that his ego wouldn't allow him to think that Kirk's defeat was a sign of weakness on his part, but instead he had to elevate Kirk up, which is why he seemed to believe that Kirk would come. (they also sully Kirk a bit at the beginning, cuz in Space Seed, Kirk seems earnest in wanting to not send Khan to prison, but here he says he fears Khan will take it over, so his intentions are hardly pure themselves :o )

I sympathize w/ Tamas a lot too, b/c Khan DOES seem unable to make hard decisions and he seems obsessed with Kirk. Which I think he is. It's interesting how the writer's made his obsession a POSITIVE obsession which turned into a negative one. :\ B/c he credits Kirk for leaving there, it then turns into blame. His idolizing of Kirk for defeating him turns into bitterness.. :\

I guess if I had another complaint it would be that the story is mostly about Khan and Tamas, and Marla and Joachim dun do v much. Joachim exists to exposit a lot so we know the situation as time passes basically :\ Altho they do show that he is loyal to Khan from beginning to end to explain his actions in the movie, and how his loyalty kept him alive when Khan wins, but kills him when Khan loses (an interesting thing about blind loyalty I guess xD )

Marla on the other hand, for somebody who was kinda a big part in the episode, other than telling Khan how awesome he is at the beginning, she doesn't do nething at all :( She basically serves her purpose, to be used as the assassin and die. But we dun learn nething about her. She's basically a checkmark on the "Star Trek II prequel list" :\ "Kill off Khan's wife using the eel" CHECK! >_<

That was v disappointing :( Not just cuz she's a female char and they fridged her (I mean we knew she was going to die) but that she doesn't DO nething. It's easy to understand why Tamas doesn't see Marla as one of them. :\ It's not just his bias, but Khan keeps saying she's "the superior woman" (like in Space Seed) but they dun show her doing nething other than romp around in a mesh catsuit o_O If she DID things, or SAID things, then at least we can understand that.

But I also think that's the point. That we also get to see that despite his intellect, Khan is just rly a mass of feelings that he justifies using his intellect :\ He thinks Marla is sexy and loves her, so she's "superior" and more intelligent than regular humans. He respects Kirk, so he pins all his hopes on Kirk coming back, even though Tamas' attempts at survival are rly what saved them (discovering the cave, not being content w/ sitting around and waiting for help). Later he's angry and bitter, so he blames Kirk. In the movie, he chases Kirk into the Nebula when he could just have used Genesis to create a new home for him and his ppl.

Adding to that and his feelings is his ego. He likes Marla so she MUST be a "superior" woman... Kirk beat him so he MUST be this godlike figure who can save them...

Khan is just one giant ball of feelings and impulses. And I think THAT if nething made the book rly worth it. :) The writer's rly fleshed out his char. I mean we all know he's hateful and vengeful in Star Trek II, but we dun rly know who he is, or why he's like that, and I have a much better idea after reading this :)

And Tamas... poor Tamas :( He's Khan's opposite. Unfeeling and logical. (sound familiar btw? xD ANOTHER interesting thing :) Khan is Kirk :) ) His decisions are made to ensure survival, tho many might die. Khan's decisions are about satiating his faith, or his desires, or his anger. :\ Khan rallied his followers at the end talking about trust and faith and loyalty. Tamas talked about survival.

It's rly interesting to me how the writer's set this up actually. :) Maybe they didn't mean to... but it's RLY interesting to analyze. I mean, if Khan had kept Tamas by his side and listened to him, he might have succeeded.

I think it's interesting b/c in Star Trek II, Kirk's trust and faith got him almost killed by the Reliant. His emotions and perserverance are his strength and his weakness. Like how cheating on the Kobiyashi Maru got him a pass, but he never learned a lesson from it. And Khan is the same way. He survived b/c of Tamas, he didn't learn to make hard decisions. And he chases Kirk into the Nebula...

And who ends up saving Kirk at the end? Spock. Logical Spock xD

It's very ironic and interesting to me, how this book kinda sets that up. Khan had his own Spock and he killed him. (in a way Tamas died to saved HIM too)

Neways, so yeah :) Everything else was paint by the numbers prequeling... the cargo containers being sealed, the eel mother being captured (it lived for 20 years? o_O ) Explaining how they managed to survive for so long (tho where is the water in the cave coming from? o_O ) And Khan putting that Starfleet pendant around his neck.

But yeah, as I said, it's amazing how little happened and yet how much we learned about Khan and what a great job the writer's did (IMO) of paralleling Khan and Kirk as people, which also explains why Khan believes in Kirk so much, b/c Kirk is in many ways HIM.

I still feel bad for them all tho :( They were doing so well... and then things went pear-shaped :( Stupid Kirk >:\ I rly think they should have given us an explanation, so we know Khan is blaming somebody wrongly.

The art in the book is rly good :D Except there's a brown haired woman wearing the exact same mesh catsuit that Marla wears that I had trouble realizing wasn't Marla (she was one of Tamas' co-conspirators). They should have changed her hair or skin colour or something :\ But the art is very solid and pretty, and they rly do the expressions on ppl's faces well so you can tell what they are feeling without them having to exposit about it :)

Neways, so that's it :D I rly enjoyed it :) I dunno if it's worth whatever it would cost. But if you have some cash, I think it'd make a great present to yourself or the Trek(ie/er/etc) in your life :)

Angelwings Rating: 4/5

Recommendation: It's not very exciting, but it's a rly well written and scripted book that teaches us a lot about Khan and what he learned... and what he didn't learn

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Smallville 10x20: Prophecy Review

Smallville 10x20 - Prophecy

Liveblog blow-by-blow

Smallville begins! :D 2nd last episode is a go!

Previously on Smallville: Kara telling Clark about Darkseid, stuff about the Omega symbol, Green Arrow turning omega, and Hawkman's death and stuff about the bow of Orion and Tess having Gold K... Granny Goodness now too :o

Lois has her own office now and she's swamped in notes :o Clark thinks Lois is paranoid for thinking that Marionette Ventures buying out small businesses in Metropolis is a conspiracy, but we know it's not cuz it's about Toyman :o

Clark says they have to tell Jor-El about their marriage o_o;; He called him "his father"... it's weird given how Jor-El was in early Smallville that Clark thinks of him as his father now... :o

"Life union" o_O;;; NO LIFE WITHOUT EQUAL PAY!


Jor-El is swapping their powers now (or lack of powers) :O Go Superlois! Lana should come back w/ Bee powers :o

Pillar squashed Lois, Clark realized he has no power, but Lois does :O She lifted it up :O


xDDDD I dun need to describe the opening too right? >_>

Ollie is going spelunking now :o I guess looking for the Bow of Orion... I didn't know Orion used a bow (the New Gods Orion is who they refer to :o)

Ah! Kara is here! Refers to Apokolips finally! :D She is trapped in a cave :o a weird circle :o I wonder why she's wearing heels o_O Nice heels tho :)

She thinks Watchtower found her but GA tells her that he's not part of a search team :o She is suspicious that Ollie is looking for the bow without Clark. :o But she is too, but she's trying to find the bow "for [her] own reasons" :o Apparently this cave has the prophecy of the end of the world written down by Orion himself :o

Ah a balance must exist between light and darkness.. surprise surprise >_>;;

Ollie has figured out how to solve the puzzle :o Since Kara got trapped touching the Orion symbol so Ollie has to touch the Omega symbol on the wall :o Kara doesn't know he has one on his forehead yet. :o

Now Kara is free :)

Ollie isn't hitting on Kara is he? He's married to Chloe xD *glares at Ollie* he's evil ... we can't trust him >:O

Lois is zipping all over the place now xD She's using her powers to cover all their their deadlines for the wedding now xD

Oh Clark >:O Clark is again thinking Jor-El is up to no good just cuz Clark doesn't have powers nemore xD He doesn't seem to get that he has to learn how Lois feels being helpless compared to him >_> Of course w/o his powers he's thinking THE WORLD IS DOOMED W/O him -_-;;

Lois figured out that all of the businesses that Marionette Ventures bought out were connected by the Metropolis reservoir line :O


Lois is late meeting Clark b/c she had to stop and save things along the way back to him :o Clark is trying to help Lois use her super hearing to spy on Marionette Ventures and she hears all these ppl needing help but Clark tells her to calm down, and that certain emergencies can be helped by local police and firemen nearby, and etc... helping Lois learn that he hears this all the time but has to prioritize :)

Somebody is being beaten up in a store so Lois showed up and threw her through a wall :O Clark unmasks the person and it's Stargirl! :O SHe's being mind controlled w/ a thin on her neck :O

Meanwhile Kara and Ollie are still searching for the Bow of Orion in caveland :o Ollie says he has to use the bow of orion cuz he's GA and a bow is what he uses o_O

Ollie realized that Orion is Darkseid's son and Kara says he had to turn away fromthe darkness to use the bow :o And thus, Ollie has to too..

it would be rly cool if Ollie is the one who takes down Darkseid at the end while Clark is tanking him :D


Orion and Darkseid symbols on the ground :O They have to stand on each symbol and shoot the ones on the wall... :o Apparently Ollie has a ton of bows folded up in his bag xD

It's pretty cool that Kara is represenative of goodness here while Ollie is darkness :D

Yay! They did it! Door opens!

Kara w/ bow is pretty awesome too :D

Jor-El is calling Kara away :O It is up to Ollie to retrieve the bow and give it to Clark. "I'm trusting you now." Something tells me Ollie will be tempted to not give it to Clark :\ Perhaps that's the test of his Omega symbol... can Ollie give up his hubris and help Clark rather than try to redeem himself by having to be the one to kill Darkseid :O

Break! :D

Back! :O that was fast O_O;;

Kara is at the Fortress now. Jor-El tells her that the Bow is Clark's destiny, not hers :o She says he told her to help him, but he says that's not what she has to do :o Jor-El tells Kara that she has 2 choices, whether to leave Earth and let Clark be a hero, or stay and risk the future. :o WTF!? RISK KARA! RISK!

o_o Jor-El says that Kara's destiny is in another time and place. o_O (the future? w/ the Legion? :O ) also that Clark will one day turn his back on him but will still make theright decision, and that Kara has to make a sacrifice for the good of ppl she cares about o_o

WTF.. JE is back to being a jerk >_<;;;

Now at Watchtower, Tess is telling Stargirl about the thing that was on her neck controlling her like a puppet :o


ok so it is Roulette, Dark Archer and Metallo around that table? >:O

I lose :(

But that's so stupid! Roulette isn't rly evil and Metallo is not evil in this show >:O

They found out Toyman is in charge now :O

Lois is visiting Toyman in jail. Lois found his iphone and took it from him :o

I have this feeling that they're gonna use Gold K on Lois but Clark will get his powers back at the end from Jor-El after the re-swap. :o

Does Toyman know Clark's identity? o_O He's talking about Lana Lang as the "Blur's first beau". Yup, he does, he just said his name..

Toyman says that his team of villains are closing in on Clark, and Lois realizes that Clark wun get his powers back in time. :o Toyman says that he'll call off his dogs if Lois will wear the mind control device :o I see... they'll use gold K on Lois to stop her :o


Lois! WHy would you do that!? Now Lois is under Toyman's control now! :O And Toyman says that Lois will kill Clark >_> OH COME ON, WE ALL SAW THAT COMING! >:O

Great line from Trish while we're chatting right now about Lex coming back and if he'll be a clone: Smallville Season 10: It's all clones from now on


Ok now Ollie has found the bow and is moving towards it. He's circling it as it hovers xD It's like a video game item! xDDD

The Only True Power Comes From Within. :o Writing on the bow.

Ollie is going to grab it but it flew away to Granny Goodness who has suddenly shown up :o Pointing out that it's selfish of him to try to grab it. The traps were designed to keep the 3 "Prophets" out (Desaad, Goodness, Godfrey) out. :o She disintingrated the bow :O ANd Granny says she has plans for Ollie now while controlling him :o Is activating his Orion symbol now :o

Toyman is contacting the Legion of Doom now :o Black Manta, Metallo, Roulette, Grundy, Iceman and Dark Archer :o Each one has a JLA target :o Aquaman, Kara, Black Canary... I didn't catch them all :\ I assume Impulse for Cap Cold. Roulette is Kara? o_O So I was right about them being anti JLA but not good JLA but Smallville JLA :o Actually thinking about it, I think I remembered wrong... Metallo is prolly Kara and Roulette Black Canary or something :o Grundy is thinking enuf to be part of a leadership? o_O

Lois is beating up Clark now :o Tess told CLark to stall Lois. :o Clark managed to break the hold briefly by saying "I love you" but then it re-engaged :o She goes to punch Clark but he stops her just in time when the sun goes down and he gets his powers back :o

Clark whooshed to Toyman's cell now and broke his phone :o Clark tells Winslow that if he wanted to tell the whole world his identity he would have, but he won't b/c he won't be able to play nemore. :o very Batmanish xD

Clark is back to Jor-El, telling him it's not a gift but it's a trial :o And it wasn't about Clark and Lois learning, it's about control. He's not wrong >_>;; Jor-El in Smallville is all about control xD Clark said that this was to teach him that he has to make his own destiny at some point, and that he has to learn to break away from Jor-El and Jonathan :o (what'd Jonathan do!? >_> )

The Superman suit! :O Clark turns off the Fortress and zips away :o

Evil Ollie has dug up the gold K now :o Ruh roh :o

Lois tells Clark that being in his shoes is so different from what she'd thought it'd be :o And that when you're a reporter, once you've written the story it's over, but it's never over for Clark :o Clark is now talking about balance of good and evil and up to him to tip the scale o_o;; Lois is telling Clark how strong his heart is xD Now embrace and huggings! :o

Kara is at Watchtower w/ her pseudo Supergirl outfit w/ the Legion ring :o Yup, she's to go to the 31st century :( Stupid Jor-El >:O GO KARA! :D I wish we could see her adventures in the 31st century :(

Lois says she's weak cuz Toyman was able to leverage Clark to control her, and she's worried she'll be Clark's weakness :o Clark assures her that that's not true and that Jor-El is part of his past regardless. :o

Oh crumbs.. -_-;;

Lois is breaking off the wedding isn't she? >_>;;; Yup... she's telling Clark that every minute she's w/ Clark is time Clark could be using to save other ppl, and she can't be that selfish :o Ah Smallville drama! How I missed you! >_>;;

She breaks off the wedding. The end -_-;;;


My immediate thought right now, after watching the episode, is a quote from the Star Trek: TNG episode "The Chase": "If she wasn't dead I'd kill her myself!" xD

If this show wasn't ending I'd kill Lois myself! xD

Just kidding xD But srsly after so many seasons of Lana drama and will she/won't he, random dramatic emotional bad decisions from Clark and Lana and everybody in between, it was SUCH a breath of fresh air in the last 3 seasons to GET AWAY from that xD And now this >_>;;;

TO BE FAIR... at least Lois isn't breaking it off for ridic reasons like Clark and Lana have in the past. I mean, I can see how right after having his powers, Lois would feel that Clark could be saving a billion ppl and it'd be selfish for her to take up any of his time. And that's also very Lois, feeling very much a part of the fight against evil and Clark's heroing and etc :) But in this case it's LOIS being controlling of Clark and assuming Clark can't make his own decisions and prioritize his own time. This is a lot like Clark's early moves of cutting Lois out of the loop and stuff like that to "protect" her. Now for Clark's own good, Lois is telling HIM what he should be doing and acting as if he can't make his own good decisions -_-;;

I suppose that's fair, I mean they ARE in love for a reason and that's very much in Lois' character in this series as well xD And turnabout is fair play and all that.. it's just.. with ONE EPISODE TO GO we now have this dramuh to resolve as well as the return of Lex, the fight against Darkseid, the appearance of Apokolips and Clark becoming Superman? -_-;;;

Buh >_<;;



But I dun think it was out of char or rly bad or nething, and the more I think of it the more it makes sense as a reflection of how Clark has been treating her and ALSO how complicated relationships are and how sometimes caring can turn into posessiveness or into a selfish generosity or fear in this case. So it's not UNrealistic, but it's still a writer's decision and I'm just concerned how they're gonna fit all this in :o

I SUSPECT that it's just a small hiccup, b/c since Lois will be in her wedding dress and the wedding (from the previews) is a go, that prolly means that in the first few scenes of next episode Clark will talk Lois out of it :)

Moving onto the rest of the episode :o Not much RLY happened, but a lot happened :o

I mean basically, Lois got powers, they found out about Toyman, Kara and Ollie solve puzzles, Jor-El tells Kara to leave, Ollie loses the bow and his soul to Granny, Lois fights Clark, emotional break up ending >_>;;;

But a lot happened also as you can see :o First off, the supervillains are gathering :o Which in itself makes me want to yell at Smallville for having ONE episode left xD OH COME ON, the show is FINALLY GETTING GOOD and now you're ending it!? xD You stalled for SEVEN YEARS with terrible leadership, and only give the new crew 3 years to fix the past and make a STELLAR 9 and 10 season!? xD BAH BAH BAH!!! xD BAH! >:O I luffed the appearances of the villains tho :) They looked very much on par... but since according to the creators, the JLA won't show up in the final episode, it doesn't seem like the Legion of Doom will either :( Tho I STILL think that missing chair is NOT meant for Toyman but meant for Lex :) And he's been manipulating the whole thing all along. :o It's unclear whether or not Toyman told the other villains :o Presumably he didn't since he was being circumspect around them about how he's taking care of "The Blur". Neways, it seems kinda sad that htey're showing us ALL THESE AWESOME VILLAINS but we wun actually be SEEING this wonderful world Smallville's finally set up :( It can't even be "okay now read the comics" b/c hte COMICS ARE SO FAR OFF FROM THIS right now xD And it's just.. if nebody left Smallville and thought "I wanna follow the adventures in the comics" wow... talk about disappointment (and total confusion xD) THO, there ARE Smallville comics, so hopefully they might continue it there :)

And then there's the Ollie quest which predictably led to failure b/c as I suspected, and as I think most viewers figured out, his reasons for trying to get the bow were selfish and his hubris showed his impure heart >_>;; I suspect the Bow meant nothing in the first place, since the inscription basically said to clap your hands and TInkerbell will come alive xD So I think it'll be the power of good thoughts that will be the weapon that kills Darkseid or something! Clark will spirit bomb him! (PLEASE DON'T MAKE IT THAT PPL WISHING THE BLUR ON MAKES CLARK FLY AND HS DEFEATS DARKSEID THO, PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ DX ) It's gonna be a Dr Who thing >_> What w/ Apokolips appearing next to Earth in the preview like the Dalek Worlds, and Clark changes in a phone booth too right? xDDD

Ollie being evil isn't rly a surprise given that they've been subtlely changing Ollie evil the same way Anakin subtlely turned evil in the Star Wars prequels >_>;; But apparently he is just being mind controlled now and wun remember nething which is a little disappointing cuz it's not actually his dark impulses taking over, but rather than that his weakness allowed Granny to just control him as a puppet -_-;;; Boooo... also he has Gold K! Nebody think it means Clark will have to turn Jor-El back on to get his powers back OR THE POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING xDDD NEWAYS, I'm half betting that Ollie will be finally redeemed and help lead ppl in happy chanting to give Clark his powers back xDDDD

I'll stop >_>;;

Kara's fate is ANNOYING AS ALL F! >:O

I know it's a way to get her off the show, but.. OKAY if there was a Supergirl in the 31st Century w/ the Legion show, this would TTLLY BE AWESOME :D But it's not and she seems SAD to go, and she seems FORCED to go! FFS if this episode was about Clark learning to break free from Jor-El, then why is Kara essentially playing the good soldier, esp when Jor-El says Kara is too strong for him to control or tell what to do. SINCE WHEN ARE WE TRUSTING JOR-EL TO TELL US THE TRUTH NEWAYS!? >:O But like a good little Kryptonian Girl she takes him at his word and reluctantly goes to the Legion :\ It just.. if she ACCIDENTALLY went, that'd be more FUN! That's been the BIG problem w/ Smallville, nothing just HAPPENS. Clark doesn't just want to save ppl, Jor-El has to strongarm him kicking and screaming to become a hero -_-;; Lex isn't evil.. Lionel took YEARS to force him to be evil -_-;;; It's like.. the non mains are the ones who seem to make their own decisions: Tess, Lois, Chloe, Ollie... maybe that says something :D GO REGULAR HUMANS! (or maybe it says something about abusive father figures huh? >_>) Brargh.. it just... I GET that she should leave on her own adventures, but it's annoying she just accepts Jor-El's prophecy and ALSO the idea that she can't be a hero on Earth WITH CLARK! I dun want to sound feministy about it, but Jor-El basically said "you need to step aside for the man to be the hero, little girl" >:O And it's just awful that she's not even HAPPY w/ it but just cryingly goes to the 31st century. I would have liked it more if in trying to help Clark she gets zapped away and then realizes that Clark can handle himself and she has her own fun and games w/ the Legion :) THAT would be much more fun :D I just HATE the idea of superheroes as miserable pawns FORCED to do good -_-;; Which is what much of Smallville has been like with Jor-El.

Just a thought: Wouldn't it be great if Jor-El told Kara that she was needed in the 31st century and SHE chose to go cuz she trusted Clark to take care of Earth? :o There RLY IS a controlling/mistrust gene in Kryptonians on this show xD Clark wasn't lying when he told Lois that that part of him was his Kryptonian side xD

Mind you, I wouldn't trust Clark to take care of Darkseid either >_> He can't even fly! xD

The JLA patrolling in Clark's place during the wedding is cute, but presumably they haven't been sitting on their butts while Clark was saving Metropolis right? So wouldn't this take away from their other duties? o_O Not a nitpick, just something I was wondering xD Are they eschewing sleep now or something xD

I'm guessing Clark turning off the Fortress isn't a permanent thing considering the suit is in the fortress and the previews shows him returning to it.. :|

The whole test thing was ok, but... honestly... the Clark/Lois part felt like filler in this episode and the big part was rly to show us villains and Ollie to turn evil and Kara to go away -_-;; Neither rly LEARNED nething, and it turns out the whole thing wasn't even ABOUT that, which honestly, I think would be RLY interesting, for Clark to learn what Lois feels like sitting helplessly on the sidelines while your loved one goes off and risks her life. Clark takes Lois for granted a LITTLE too much sometimes, at least in the way he plays w/ her feelings about sitting in the bleachers, or WANTING her to. A better episode would have been Lois SAVING ppl (and not failing and turning into a mind controlled puppet) and Clark realizing that he can't sit still and helps by doing reporting, the way LOIS DOES, and then realizing that Lois "risks her life" cuz she can't NOT help Clark :)

Instead we get this -__-;;; And it's SO stupid Lois puts on the MC device too... I mean I get that she's panicking and this is new to her... but.. YOU HAVE SUPER POWERS... first.. destroy his phone... secondly, you could even THREATEN him with superhearing and laser beam eyes that if he sicced ppl on Clark... or THIRDLY, realize that Clark will get ihs powers back soon and all you need to do is delay the supervillains (also how does Toyman KNOW that Lois has powers now? o_O it was v odd how he just went w/ it... also why would he assume Clark DOESN'T have powers? How does HE know what happened? -_- But more to the point... SHE HAS CLARK'S POWERS. Besides that you should NEVER TRUST A VILLAIN to keep their world, once you put on the MC device, HE'LL JUST USE YOU TO KILL CLARK!!


I can forgive her for being overwhelmed by the powers and responsibility and fear for Clark's life.. but STILL, the Lois that's been written in S9 and 10, would have figured this out -_- It just seemed like such writer's fiat and VERY arbitrary just to get all the stuff on the plot checklist done -_-;;

And Tess kinda sat around while Lois was beating up Clark, when in the past, w/ EVIL Clark from Earth 3, Tess AND Lois both revealed they had anti Clark weapons rdy (esp in the Watchtower) to fight Clark -_-;; But here... just.. sit on hands -_-

THERE'S A LOT OF HANDS SITTING IN THIS EPISODE! Ppl seem like they're dealing w/ a hangover or something, they're a lot slower on the uptake than usual -_-;;;

ANd CLark is lucky that Lois lost her powers just in time or his hand would have been a pile of goo -_-

Then blah blah blah the ending which you all know about...

you know... the more I write this review, the more I realize that I didn't like this episode at all. -_-;; I WANTED to... but really it was MEANINGLESS and a lot of poor decision making and out of char stuff going on JUST so we could get evil Ollie, Kara gone, and Lois breaking up w/ Clark -_-;;

How they got rid of Kara was indicative of a lot of this episode... not v creative, very direct, and in an unsatisfying way. Just like Ollie isn't SEDUCED to the dark side (Darkseid, BA DA BUM!) but kinda just taken over and turned into an EVIL EVIL EVIL zombie -_-;; And Kara is just PUSHED to go on her own adventures crying by Jor-El. It's literally "GO TO YOUR OWN COMIC BOOK YOUNG LADY!" -_-;; It's bad writing and it's unsatisfying tv >:\

Oh yeah, and Stargirl guest stars and doesn't DO ANYTHING! You'd think that at least she'd be sent WITH Lois to talk to Toyman (since Lois has no exp, you'd think an exp'd hero would go w/) OR be there to fight Lois when she turned evil... but noooo... for THAT matter, she mattered so LITTLE that they never even rly explained HOW she got mindcontrolled either, or if Toyman is putting these on everyhero, or HOW WIDESPREAD his power is!!?! >:O You would THINK that Toyman having MIND CONTROL DEVICES that can CONTROL HEROES would concern everybody, but as to my point about this being a series of plot points strung together by writers prolly too busy w/ the finale to rly make this a good episode, eveyrbody just goes LALALA once the device is taken off Lois -_-;;; And there isn't nething about Tess saying "I fixed up this thing piggybagged to cellphone waves to interfere w/ the device so nobody will be mindcontrolled again" or nething like that -_- (for that matter, is Toyman controlling the villains? Is that why Metallo there? and if he can control ppl why doesn't he control ppl and ESCAPE!? >_<;;) Nope, it's just, well we solved the immediate problem in this episode, our 40 minutes is up, ON TO THE DRAMATIC CLIFFHANGER BREAKUP!


This episode rly was just "let's get plot points A B C D done and go home k? We have a series finale to do! chop chop!" And that's just what it was: get rid of Kara, turn Ollie bad, have Lois leave Clark, show the villains.. DONE! >_<;;; It rly feels like they needed 10 more episodes for this season (or another season) and they're just rushing things or something >:\ (like introducing the LoD w/ no episodes left >_>, or how Kara leaves without EVEN GETTING TO SAY GOODBYE TO CLARK, she's NOT A MINOR CHAR in the shows mythology for chrissakes -_-;; )

-_- Disappointing. And for fans of... well basically ALL the characters, but ESP Kara and Ollie and Stargirl too I guess... it was annoying and frustrating as well -_-;; Kara deserved a better send off than that. Unless she's getting a spinoff series or something, WTF. Supergirl is LEAVING THE SHOW. If she's not gonna be in the finale (and she wun be) she deserves a good send off, and at LEAST one where Clark gets to SEE HER OFF! A HUG OR SOMETHING! NO NO NO.. she's not even allowed to TALK to him. She just looks sad, puts on the ring and BOOM :( It's a terrible way to send off a char, that while just a guest star, is still an important part of Superman mythology and also an important part of Clark's LIFE in Smallville :) (and she was a main character for a season ffs)

Disappointing and anger mongering >:|



(who knows, maybe they ARE leaving it open to a Supergirl & the Legion CW spinoff, one can hope...)

Bah... so yeah.. ONTO THE FINALE! I hope it doesn't disappoint :) (poor Supergirl :( AND STARGIRL if this is rly her last appearance like they say :( )

It's kinda disappointing honestly that if it's TRUE the JLA wun be in the finale, that we didn't get a decent send off for the chars :( At least Aquaman had an awesome episode this season. But we dun be getting one for Canary, Cyborg, Impulse, J'onn, etc.. and Stargirl was used as plot filler (that could have been ANYONE, she didn't even USE HER POWERS) :\

bah :(

Angelwings Rating: 2 out of 5 disappointed and annoyed Angelwings of fan angry doom >:O

Recommendation: It hits on plot points, but rly all you rly need to know is what happened. If you're watching for certain guest chars, there's not rly very many great Ollie scenes, and the Kara scenes are just her being sad and stuff, and Stargirl's cameo is meaningless and the villains dun say or do nething :( As an episode, it's not v strong :\ Not much recommendation here :(

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Smallville 10x18: Booster Review

Smallville 10x18: Booster

Liveblog blow-by-blow:

Hihi :) I've decided rather than do the long tweet thing I'll just liveblog this episode as a running commentary :D Tho the teaser is alrdy over so I'm gonna just say what happened :D

Lois is helping Clark try to be a bigger loser in his Clark identity but he finds it hard b/c he was a loser in highschool, which I think is a nice bit of writing, at least it makes sense, I think a lot of us know how that feels and not wanting to go back. :) Jaime is being portrayed as a loser here that bumbles like Peter Parker o_o At least he hasn't been whitewashed xD Booster came and saved him from a car and it was AWEEESSSOME :D He's EXACTLY Booster as he would be irl, and SKEEETS IS THERE :D SKEEEEEEEEEEETS :D He sounds like Skeets too :3 Also apparently Booster knows Clark's identity, or at least Clark thinks he does, tho that makes sense since he's from the future :3

Ron Troupe is here now! :D And Cat Grant too! :D She's up for the same promotion as Lois xD Too bad no Perry White back yet :( She wants to promote Booster as the new big hero. :o And Lois is trying to get Clark to unmake "Clark" more so that the "Blur" can finally show his face. xD

Jaime scene now! :O Being a loser again :( That's odd... Geoff Johns knows Jaime wasn't a loser before... why is he writing him like one? :( He's being bullied like woah :( No Paco or Brenda tho :(

Lois is talking to him, having observed him and trying to teach him out to be strong and tough (I have no idea why Lois is even there) :o I kinda dun like Jaime like this, cuz it's not very Jaime like but I think he's being acted well :)

Jaime is in alley now :o Always a good place to develop powers! :O Scarab activate!!!!!!!!!! :OOOOOO

Commercial break :o


Yay it's back! :D It's alrdy one of my favourite episodes :D

Booster Gold promotion commercial xD With dancing Texas Cowboysesque cheerleaders xD I LOVE that his ad plays on the fact that he's playing on the fact that the "Blur" never shows his face or stops to introduce himself saying that it's heroing but w/ friendliness xD

Clark is suspicious of Booster :O Cuz Booster knows when each accident appears but doesn't stop the accident, shows up to save them for the fame. Is very Superman thinking actually, like it :)


The Scarab is made by Ted Kord here or at least he had it in his possession :o They seem to think Kord Industries is up to no good here :o

Booster doesn't sign things, he just stamps them o_o Cat is introducing herself to Booster now :o Booster is OBSESSED with Lois for some reason o_o Sending her flowers and not interested in Cat Grant cuz she's not Lois.

OHHHHHH Booster came back b/c Lois made Superman hero of Metropolis the first time around w/ an interview and that's why Booster wants her to interview him o_o;; That's very neat :3

I wonder why Booster just came back now rather than before, when Clark wasn't even in Metropolis o_O It's weird that Booster doesn't ever slip up and call him Superman tho o_o;;

I LOVE the idea of Booster coming back to try to replace Superman as hero of the world before he's Superman tho... it's great :D

Commercials again :o

Ah, the heroic Duracell commercial xD Without Duracell firefighters would be dead everywhere! Buy their batteries! >_>;; (it sounds almost like a threat honestly -_-;; Like protection money >_<;;)

Commercial reminding me that Stargate Universe has 3 episodes left >_>;;

YAY Smallville is back! :D

Awww Cat is all angry at Lois. >_>;; Oooh mean Lois :o Catsy! :O

Ted Kord now! Clark is trying to grill him :o Hay! Kord is being played by the hero guy from First Wave! :O Clark is doing a good job of being rly bumbling :o Booster is apparently working w/ Ted Kord to try to find the Scarab back :o Booster wants the mayor to give him the key to the city in exchange for helping Kord find the Scarab :o

Jaime is seeking out Booster now :o Trying to get him to help him w/ the Scarab :o Booster of course is trying to blow him off. >_>;; I LOVE how assholeish Booster is xD Jaime left after being blown off... >_>;; Oooh Cat Grant has pretended to be one of the Booster girls to get close to Booster :O

Scarab going off!! BLUE BEEETTTLEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He looks a bit like Waspinator and some other transformers mixed together o_o;;; But he looks GREAT! :D

Ruh Roh.. the Scarab wants to destroy Metropolis :(

Commercial! :O

Too bad this isn't going to lead to a Blue Beetle spinoff series :( Would be so great >_>;;

Adddd for Swamp Demon :O W/e that is >_>;; Looks terrible and b-movieish -_-;; Apparently Space is showing it soon.... e_e;; That's nice xD


*is advised and being discreet :3 *

Clark is showing Lois the Scarab now :o Apparently the Scarab bonded with Dan Garrett (a scientist for Kord here) and he killed 3 ppl :( Look Johns, I appreciate the shout out to Garrett but I dun like him as just cannon fodder who's a murderer :( Bad homage :(

I like how Booster calls Clark "Golden Boy" xD Clark talking to Booster now. Notices the Legion Ring and realizes that Booster's from the future :D (very awesome deduction by Clark for how Booster knows when to save ppl) :3 For some reason Clark in that trenchcoat looks and sounds a lot like Stabler in SVU o_O SuperStabler :O Ewww >_>;;

Booster is telling Clark that "whoever gets the key to the city becomes this city's man of steel.. or gold" according to history. "A suit doesn't make the hero, a hero is made by the moment and the choices he makes" GREAT line by Clark :D

Booster is gonna go get his key to the city now :O Booster just gave Clark a hint of his future o_o "hang up the glasses and the red and blue suit" I rly feel like Booster came from the wrong continuity or something XD WRONG UNIVERSE BOOSTER YOU'RE IN EARTH-CW!!!!


Blue Beetle is here now destroying the whole set w/ Booster in the middle of it :O Booster is hiding like a coward >_>;; So... odds on Clark or Booster being the one who talks him down? o_O Beetle is going to kill Cat now :O

This is SUCH a geeky episode xD I feel sorta bad for non comic fans... they wouldn't know what Skeets is talking about to Booster about football >_>;; YAY CLARK IN PHONEBOOTH CHANGE!!! Clark going to save Cat! Clark takes the energy blast! :D

WOW, Booster blasted Blue Beetle! :O Awesome! :DDD Uh oh.. Beetle is crushing Booster :O That suit looks like a mix between a Decepticon and Ironman :O

Booster is admitting to Jaime he's not a hero :o telling Jaime that he's not a hero but Jaime can be a hero and what Clark told him "the suit doesn't make the hero, fight it!" Awesome lines by Booster right now :D "you choose"

Awesome strength by Jaime too! :D He can do it! Now I know why Johns made him a loser, so he finally exerts his will in this scene :D


Jaime and Michael clasping hands :D Awesome awesome awesome :D Have no idea how much I'm smiling right now :)

Clark watched the whole thing and is pleased :)

AWWWWW Typical new smallville, SO FULL OF AMINESS AND HAPPINESS :D The way I want comics to be is how Smallville has ttlly been this episode, full of happiness, goodness, heroness and no random irrelevant violence, sex or bad writing while still being awesome actiony and smexy! :D

Commercial time! Final scene coming up! Hope that Clark keeps in contact w/ both Jaime and Booster :)

I rly hate how they homaged Dan Garrett by making him a murderer tho >:O Not much of a name drop Johns! >:\

Booster/Beetle hug was rly nice too :) :) :) Men hugging! :D (tho it's Booster, he played football, he's not afraid of hugging men! :D )

YAY Smallville is back! :D

Clark talking to Booster again :) Telling him he surprised him.. Booster now explaining his backstory to Clark and why he's doing this :) Booster is realizing his ego is hurting ppl :) I like that line "it was easier to lose than try to win" on him throwing games in the future.

Skeets is SO CUTE xD OOH reference to Booster's sister! :D

I like that they're pronouncing Jaime's name correctly :)

o_O Ted Kord says he'll be able to remove the scarab from Jaime? :o so this is JUST like Smallville... Kord becomes Beetle for a bit and Jaime will get the Scarab BACK later? -_-;; Are they doing old Smallville again where Ted gets the Scarab for a while and Jaime will get it back LATER? >_<;;

Hehehe... Booster jus gave Clark a Booster T-shirt (with the comic face on it) :3

OOHHH no :O Jaime doesn't want the Scarab removed! :D Jaime says he wants to keep it, to learn to use it and become a hero :D Awww AMAZINGLY CUTE BOOSTER/BEETLE MOMENT :D NEW SMALLVILLE DOES NOT LATE ME DOWN! :D And Booster gave credit for being a hero to Jaime :)

Lois got promoted! :D And Cat is now taking her old desk and partners with Clark xD "Clark's nice and all but he's a bit of a fixer upper but he's no Blur"


V Cute :)

Lois wears glasses sometimes? o_O

Clark is now getting used to the glasses :) But he's hurt by ppl thinking he's a loser :( Clark is worried that ppl think badly of Lois for having a loser fiance o_O;; Clark is becoming an MRA xD OH NOOEEEZZZZZZZZZ xD But of course Lois is AWESOME in Smallville now and wun let him being stupid about it! :D YAY KISS!!!!!!



w00000000000000000 :D


What a great awesome kickbutt episode (w/ one downside :( which I'll get to in a sec) :D I loved it from top to bottom (more or less) and that opening teaser alrdy got me thinking this is gonna be an awesome episode! :D Booster Gold was SPOT ON! He's EXACTLY what Booster SHOULD be and exactly what I imagined him to be if he existed irl xD The actor has his cockiness and also his humanity and insecurity down to a T :D And I liked how Johns wrote him and had him be both overtop and a scared self-doubting/hating person and how he grew as a character at the end :) Plus Skeets is pretty awesome too for a char that unfortunately never shows up :( (he's only a voice coming out of Booster's earpiece :( ) but Skeets is bang on too and hearing him and Booster talk was a geeky joy :D

Jaime was also rly good :) I initially rly disliked the way he was being portrayed as Peter Parker: the loser who bumbles around and everybody is mean to, but I see what Johns was trying to do, making the Scarab the first "bully" that Jaime has ever stood up to :) And I thought it worked rly well even if it's not the Jaime we know exactly from the comics but I ultimately rly liked it and thought it did work for the way Johns was trying to interpret the Superman/Booster/Jaime dynamic :) (Clark having to learn to be okay with his loser side from HS, and also learning how to be a public hero from Booster, Booster learning what it rly means to be a hero and Jaime learning the other side of what it means, to stand up for yourself and others :) )

Yay! :D

And the Clark/Lois stuff was rly cute too, and I thought the way Johns wrote Clark, having him be uncomfortable adopting the loser persona b/c he feels that he's going backwards was v real :) Also that he projected onto Lois w/ the "well what about you? what if ppl think you're married to a loser?" and having Lois, in typical awesome S10 Smallville fashion, be fine w/ it was a rly great bit of reinforced characterization there :) V cool :) (I just wish that Clark can be himself in both forms, like how in Lois and Clark Superman was akin to a god so that's why nobody suspects regular person Clark, but if you're gonna go w/ this version of "loser" Clark then at least they're doing a good job w/ it :) )

It was nice to see Ted too even tho he didn't do nething. It's possible he might become Blue Beetle LATER in this continuity (it wouldn't be the first time things happened out of order in Smallville world xD) but either way, it's still nice to see him :) The actor didn't rly work for Ted to me tho, cuz he was more sinister and sneaky rather than goofy and amusing like we generally see Ted as xD

The ending was rly good too :) This is yet another S10 Smallville episode where a hero talks down a potential villain and I rly am starting to like this trend in Smallville :) Rather than the initial season Smallvilles which was filled with Clark doing hte "might makes right" thing and just beating up (or killing, however inadvertant) the "freak of the week"s, now we have real comic heroism: being a good person, talking preferred to fighting, and showing that being a good caring person can save the day as often as being a strong guy with laser beam eyes :) And that's not just an awesome message, it's awesome superhero storytelling in my book and why I am RLY enjoying the last few seasons of Smallville, we're FINALLY SEEING real heroes :D

And now to the one part I HAD a problem w/ which you prolly can all guess at this point -_-;; Yup, it's the namedrop of Dan Garrett :( It was nice that Johns dropped him in, and I was RLY excited when I heard his name at first, I was hoping that it'd turn out he was one of the old heroes in the past along with the JSA, but it turned out he was not :( Instead he's just some random scientist who got the Scarab and became a killing machine and killed ppl :( Rather than an example of the good that can be done w/ the Scarab and a hero to look up to, he's just sacrificed as fodder for the writers to show "this is what happens if you can't control the Scarab!" -_- And they could use ANY person for that role. Why namedrop Dan just to use him in that role? :\ If you're gonna do a geeky reference that only comic book fans will get, then you should do it in a way that they'll enjoy too :) So that was the one down spot for me :( And a bit of a nitpick I know >_>;;

On that point tho, I worried at first that the intense amount of comic references in this episode would make it v difficult for Smallville ONLY watchers to get into, but given that they eventually explained everything at the end (and in fact it made the football reference kind of a neat foreshadow to make viewers go "hmm so he's a football player!" if they got it :) ) I think they pulled it off well, and maybe even got a few Smallville-only watchers wanting to read comics! (and BOY WILL THEY BE DISSAPOINTED xD Tho if they read Johns stuff they will find a lot of stuff they'll like since Johns writes comics like he writes TV and movies, big simple and fun xD and COLOURFUL, like Legion and JSA, there was a lot of colour to this episode, and the heroes all looked like the way they should and it was AWESOME :D )

As for the visuals, Smallville often takes a lot of heat for skimping on the special FX, and they often DO and I doubt it's nething they can rly control, but this episode made use of the SFX they had quite well, and the way the story played out meant that I didn't feel cheated we didn't see Superman fight Booster or Beetle, b/c it ended w/ a talking down that fit the story well :) And when we did, it was pretty awesome :) Booster flying off, the Beetle suit going on Jaime, Beetle blasting away, Booster blasting Beetle, etc :) V cool, and v worth it :) And I think the Beetle suit looked about as good as it could look on TV w/o it being a big budget movie or animated :) So ... pretty nifty! :D

Oh yeah and before I finish, I like the inclusion of Cat in this episode too :) In a way she's Lois' Booster, somebody w/ the potential to be great, but isn't there yet, and Lois is helping her figure it out the way Clark helped Booster :) Yay! :D

So yus, great episode (except for that ONE LITTLE BIT) w/ awesome writing and foreshadowing (LOVE all the little hints and things Booster drops about Clark's future :3 ) and a wonderful awesome message and ending :) Am v v pleased w/ this episode, and rly rly impressed that it lived up to all the expectations I, and so many other pp,l have had for it :D I literally was like IT'S TWO EPISODES TO BOOSTER!!! IT'S ONE EPISODE TO BOOSTER!!! W00T! :D But then I shouldn't be surprised cuz Johns has knocked every episode he's done in Smallville out of the park and has done an excellent job bringing the comic book world to TV, keeping it both colourful and believable :) *thumbs up* (also SRSLY CW LET'S SPINOFF SMALLVILLE AND GIVE JAIME A SERIES NOW! :D YUS YUS YUS! I say great idea! :D xD )

Oh and before I go one more thing, I was rly worried that this episode would be all geek and not much meat, and that outside of going OMG BOOSTER and OMG BEETLE, there wouldn't be much point to the episode, but it was not, even if you dunno who they are, besides making you want to FIND OUT :D, you would enjoy the episode and enjoy the themes it was playing on and tying into Clark's final steps to being Superman :)

Angelwings Rating: 4.9 out of 5 super fun awesome Boosters and Beetles :D (the .1 taken off is for the crummy Dan Garrett reference :( other than that, win all the way! :D )

Recommendation: YUS WATCH THE CRAP OUT OF THIS THING IF YOU CAN (or if you can DL it) :D Srsly, even for ppl who HATE Smallville but love the comics, it wun dissapoint :) DOOO ITTTTTT >_>;; :D

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Nancy Drew - #3 Review

Nancy Drew - #3 "The Haunted Dollhouse"

Synopsis: It's Nostalgia Week in River Heights so everybody is wearing clothes from the 1930s and Nancy Drew is driving a 1930s roadster (loaned from a local antique car dealer) instead of her usual red hybrid. :3 Bess and George are in costume as well but George complains about having to go w/o technology for a week. xD

They go to city hall for speeches and an Emma Blavatsky is introduced as a partner in the whole event. :o She says that in honour of her puchasing an old mansion in the town recently, she's putting on display a dollhouse replica of the mansion she came into possession of. She also warns that it's believed to be haunted :O




Nancy looks into it w/ a magnifying glass and is amazed at the level of detail inside it. She then notices that a thief doll is stealing one of the paintings inside the dollhouse! :O They get to the mansion and it turns out there WAS a break in and theft at the same time! :O Emma is there by the time they get there w/ the chief of police, and she begins speaking about ghosts and spirits which Nancy rolls her eyes at. Nancy wonders why a ghost would need to break a window to enter the mansion, or leave footprints? Emma responds by saying they controlled whoever did it. The chief believes that she's crazy. >_>

Nancy and friends go back to city hall where she tries to check the security camera but is told that it's broken. :o The dollhouse scene has now changed and it appears somebody is stealing a horse! :O

Nancy then takes Ned to the mansion near a famous tree that suddenly appeared in the dollhouse scene and they have a picnic that is rly an excuse for Nancy to make sure nobody is stealing horses! :O Suddenly Deidre (Nancy's HS dramuh nemesis who Nancy seems to be oblivious to her nemesisnessness... xD) shows up... riding a horse! :O She mocks Nancy, ignores her warnings and tries to hit on Ned (as is her wont >_>) She then goes to ride away but suddenly the masked thief from before shows up and spooks the horse, throwing her off! :O Nancy tells Ned to distract the thief and then gets on the horse to ride it away but she hits a snag and is thrown off and the thief escapes with the horse D:

She has a dream where she's a doll and trapped but then wakes up in her home w/ her housekeeper watching over her. :)

Nancy tries to talk to the police chief but he mocks her >_> She then takes a sleeping back and stays at city hall next to the doll house and at night she witnesses the dolls actually moving!!!!!!!!!! :O


End Chapter 1 :o

Chapter 2! :D

The security guard comes rushing in hearing Nancy make some noises and prevents Nancy from cracking open the glass case surrounding the house to find out what's going on b/c it's private property. The police are called, but the police chief doesn't take any action against Nancy b/c he himself has wanted to break open that dollhouse too :O

The next day, Nancy, Bess and George go to the jewellry store that looked like what was in the doll house post the dolls moving and the scene changing o_o They browse when suddenly the same masked robber from before shows up, snatches a necklace and runs off :O Nancy chases after him but he vanishes :O Nancy finds tire tracks which continues to support her idea that this is not a ghost but a real person.

A random scene where the three heroines are at a soda shop and Deidre shows up to mock Nancy happens. >_>;;;

At night, Nancy attends a big town party on an old steamboat. :o She dances w/ Ned for a while but retires to the balcony to think about the mystery when Emma Blavatsky walks up next to her and tells her again of her believe in spirits and offers Nancy the chance to talk w/ them.. in a seance! :O dun dun dunnn >_>

Nancy takes her up on her offer and she and her friends go to Emma's mansion to do it :O Nancy remains skeptical the entire time and her thought boxes explain to us what Emma is doing to fool them the whole time the seance is going on :3

As they're leaving the house after the fake ghost appearance, Nancy explains to her friends what happened, and while she's explaining about the hidden crevices in the furniture, she realizes something about the dollhouse! :O They rush back to city hall and she looks under the dollhouse stand and finds a locker lodged underneath :O She again insists they take the display apart but the police chief shows up and won't let her because it is owned by Emma. :o Then they realize that the scene has changed and a doll of Nancy is lying dead on the ground next to the old mansion!!!!! :OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO


Chapter 3! :D

Of course this means Nancy must go to the old mansion to check out what's going on xD However, when they're almost there, her car runs out of gas, because Nancy has a tendency to get so wrapped up in a mystery she forgets to fill her car up, and the old car runs out of gas even faster than her new hybrid o_o Also she and her friends don't have cellphones to call for help because Nancy won't let them because it's Nostalgia Week -_-;; So they walk in the rain to the mansion where she's fated to die. They see a police car at the mansion, where the police chief had an officer watching the mansion just in case :O However, Nancy insists they go inside rather than radio for help, because she wants to take a look around first. When they get inside they see from a window that the police car is gone now and Nancy's old roadster is there, JUST LIKE IN THE DOLLHOUSE WHERE SHE WAS SHOWN AS DEAD! :OOOO


Nancy insists on continuing and goes upstairs to find out more but Bess and George are grabbed from behind by the mysterious burgler! :O Nancy doesn't notice, cuz she's Nancy, and in the top floor room she finds all of the missing loot! And from the window she can see the horse that was stolen across the field under a bridge :O But as she looks, a shadowy figure approaches her from behind! :O

Meanwhile, Bess and George are locked in a room w/ the police officer knocked out cold :o George tells Bess to look for some way to call for help and Bess finds a large old-fashioned wall phone :O But before they can do nething, George is attacked by the burgler (who apparently locked himself IN the room w/ them) and calls for Bess to help! :O Bess rips the phone off the wall and knocks the Burgler out w/ it xDDDD

Back to Nancy now, who's figured out the mystery but suddenly a sekrit door opens in the wall near her! She follows the hidden staircase up and finds herself on the top balcony when suddenly somebody tries to push her off the roof! :O She fights the person off and unmasks her and it turns out to be... Emma Blavatsky! (of course >_>) She tells Nancy that she's broke and that if ppl believed the dollhouse was TRULY haunted, it would sell for a fortune, along w/ the book and film rights and she'd be rich... RICCCCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! MUHAHAHAHAHA... but first Nancy has to be dead... >_>;;; (ohyeahalsoshesmuggledhernephewintothecountrytohideinsidethedollhousedisplaythewholetimewithmagnets >__> also she refilled Nancy's car w/ gas and drove it to the house and then ran back in to kill her >______________>)



Nancy is shocked that Emma confessed but Emma says she only did so b/c Nancy will be dead neways! MUHAHAHAHA >_> She then tries to push Nancy off but fails and falls off herself! :O Nancy then helps her up and Emma promises to go peacefully :o However, AS Nancy brings her down the staircase she betrays her and tries to kill Nancy again! :O She sees her nephew below and says they can still bring Nancy to the roof and throw her off O_O;;; BUt her nephew is w/ Bess, George and the police chief and has been arrested! :O Bess and George explain that using their tech and magical mechanical powers, they fixed up the antique phone to be able to call the police chief and he came here just in time! They arrest Emma and all is good w/ the world! Nancy says that George and Bess are so amazing they should start their own detective agency (or at least commission themselves off to repair superhero cars and space stations and invisible jets >_> )

The next day, Nostalgia Week is over, and George is so happy to get all her gadgets back but then freaks out when Bess puts a George shaped doll on her shoulder to freak her out O_O;;; Everybody has a good laugh and the credits roll!

DOOO DOOO DOOOOO DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! (that was supposed to be whacky 70s sitcom ending music >_>)

Review: HOLY CRUMBS WHERE TO START!? O_O;;;;; xDDD Actually I found this book quite fun! At least in that there's a lot of running around, the lack of gadgets made things a LITTLE more interesting, even if it made no sense (more on that later) and George and Bess have a lot of amazing scenes. xD Plus, it's another fairplay mystery, and you could figure this one out from the pieces provided... THO...

what threw me was the magnets. I knew it HAD to be magnets.. but the dolls move like REAL PEOPLE and magnets can't do THAT -_- nor could magnets change the ENTIRE SCENE and turn a mansion into a jewellry shop... or make dolls APPEAR suddenly (like the Nancy Drew doll) and THAT really bugged me... I figured out the mystery cuz it's the ONLY WAY it could be... but nothing about it MADE SENSE >_<;;;

Talking about not making sense, the big reveal... HOLY WTF (i need to say something different than holy crumbs all the time XD which is my new catchphrase of the month >_> ) :o Okay, so it's another villain that is doing crazy things cuz they're broke... that's.. fine. >_> I mean it's the plot of the first book and it becomes the plot of MANY of the books later too xD But... there's SO MANY WAYS this could have gone wrong... for one... what if her nephew had been caught trying to steal the horse (he almost was, Nancy just got unlucky and fell off the horse and Ned was too crappy to actually TACKLE him when they were next to each other xD) Or what if he hadn't been successful stealing the jewels? (I'm shocked that even tho the chief had the same thoughts as Nancy he didn't have police near that jewellry store -__-) or he had been caught in the car fleeing the store? And how did he get the car THERE w/o Nancy noticing thru the storefront? It just MAGICALLY APPEARED to get him away and then all Nancy had to prove a car was there was tire tracks? o_O also in broad daylight aren't there PEOPLE ON THE STREET who would see the guy and therefore convince the chief that Nancy is NOT crazy and that it's NOT a ghost!?

And do ppl often mistake guys wearing a ski mask as being ghosts? o_O

Emma as the bad guy was also RLY obv cuz she shows up that much and clearly has a lot invested in ppl believing the dollhouse was haunted.

I have no idea how her grown adult nephew fit inside that little piller supporting the dollhouse or got OUT of there w/o Nancy, or the security guard, or the police chief noticing, EVER. Esp when the dollhouse was on display in front of everybody at city hall. How long was he IN there!?

Was Emma FEEDING the horse? How did she manage to hide a horse on that property when the police keep searching it cuz it's the house in the dollhouse scene where crimes keep being shown? o_O How do you hide a horse underneath a bridge from everybody!? o_O Don't horses sometimes make noises?!?

And how did she predict that Nancy would run out of gas? And why would she KNOW this beforehand so she had gas to bring w/ her to refill the car!? And if she didn't plan this, then she improvised REALLY REALLY FAST... cuz she got OUT of the house, somehow, got into the car, drove it to the mansion, got rid of the police car, and then ran upstairs to kill Nancy O_O She's very active for an old woman! She should be commercials for vitamin supplements O_O;;

And her nephew... after kidnapping Bess and George and putting them in the same room you have the unconscious cop... WHY WOULD YOU LOCK YOURSELF IN THE ROOM WITH THEM!? Was he planning to KILL them? And why would you wait for them to wake up AND THEN TRY TO KILL THEM!? If not.. wtf was he doing!? (there's another thought but honestly I don't think a book where the audience is for kids and not a DC "for kids" would imply that... so.. yeah.. besides... wouldn't you tie them up at least? >_> ) It's just... RAWRRRRR xD You bad guys DESERVED TO BE CAUGHT!

And I just LOVEEEEE how they are SUCH sticklers to the rules of fight club Nostalgia Week that they can't even do things that could.. y'know.. save their lives... Like bring cellphones JUST IN CASE.. or a flashlight... or use the internet or computers to research the dollhouse like George wanted to. xD Nancy scolds George saying that ppl solved mysteries before technology. Well... sort of... how many do you think were wrong or false arrests, or that they just COULDN'T solve xD Also.. you're also assuming that the BAD GUYS PLAY BY THE SAME RULES! Given that they use modern cars and such to commit crimes, it's pretty obvious THEY DO NOT... srsly... Nancy is lucky that her need to follow the rules didn't kill her >_>;; xD


Nancy's ability to not pay attention to her well being is also extremely dangerous and truly legendary here xD After figuring out the mystery, she figures it's a good idea to go up a suddenly opened door that leads to the roof where the dollhouse (and by now she KNOWS why it keeps predicting things) says she'll die... and doesn't watch her back. She's only lucky that Emma was so tired from all her running around and hiding of cars xD

Emma is a great supervillain tho xD Srsly.. she's like a Batman villain... needlessly complicated plans... gimmicks to predict and telegraph her plans... incompetent sidekicks xD I'm shocked she didn't say "good help is so hard to find these days" at the end (before shooting her nephew w/ a joker "bang!" gun >_> )

But srsly, she's part of why I like the story.. cuz she's such a great mUHAHAHAHA over the top supervillain (who doesn't give up on trying to kill the hero after her first try fails xD silly trusting Nancy >_> ) .. .I'd actually rly like it if she returned.. she seems like a good foil for Nancy and I like the way she thinks xD

The other part is just how goofy the whole thing is xD I mean it's bad, but it's FUN bad... the plot makes sense, in that sure it's POSSIBLE... just... when you think about how it could actually be implemented it's just so silly xD All the coincidences and remarkable feats of dexterity and endurance by the bad guys necessary and the incompetence of the police xD It rly is a Batman story xDDDD

Plus, having Nancy romp around in the old roadster in the type of outfit she was in in the original books, was cute... a little nostalgic trip for 90 year old fans xD ... and girls who grew up reading the originals :3 (and not the remakes of the originals)

And George and Bess are rly at their best here! Esp Bess... 30s TELEPHONE-FU! WHACK! xDD i just love the effectiveness of the 3 of them as heroes. There's no panicky or typical girl flailiy or crying or other stuff when they're kidnapped. What? Bad guy? RIP THE PHONE OFF THE WALL AND BEAT HIM W/ IT! xDDD <333

So much lurve xD Plus they manage to fix the thing AFTER AND somehow dial the police chief w/ it xDD (he srsly is like the only cop in River Heights too >_> except for the guy he sent who got knocked out... maybe it was a prototype police bot or something o_O He never appears to wake up xD)


And the ending was cute too just cuz,... Nancy's right.. HER FRIENDS ROCK!! Which is the other thing, I LOVE how much they're a team in this series and Bess and George aren't just side chars or meant to be the serious tomboy/silly femme girl combo... they rly are EXTREMELY useful and full heroes in their own right :D And this episode is a great example of that and another reason why I love it. xD Plus, I love that they show Nancy as being strong, focused and determined.. and she isn't afraid of threat of death either :D She's not just some girl playing at hero, she's a freaking hero >:D And that's ultimately why I love this series so much, and this book is a great early example of the strength and temerity of the 3 leads :D

And ultimately... I mean... it's fun... and isn't that what counts? xD I mean we put up w/ Batman plots that make less sense xD (or Supergirl plots that make no sense at all >_> AND there's no 1930s telephone fu either! xD )

Neways.. silly, flimsy, bold and fun :D

Oh yeah.. and Nancy fights yet another villain on a cliff/edge >_>

Angelwings Rating: 3/5

Recommendation: I'd say... yes :D Whether you just get lost in the childish fun and ignore the plot holes, or you find the crazy plot fun and hilarious, it's a fun book, and hits all the right notes in terms of characterization w/ Nancy's absentmindedness and determination and Bess and George's awesome kickass sidekicking :D

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Nancy Drew - #2 Review :o

Nancy Drew - #2 "Writ In Stone"

Synopsis: Nancy Drew is babysitting during a storm when she hears a car crash in the distance. A tow truck driver that she knows comes by w/ one of the ppl involved in the car crash b/c it is the closest dry place he knew. The person involved is David Severe (best name evar), an archaeologist. He says that he's glad he was in an SUV or he might be dead. Nancy says that SUVs are actually more dangerous b/c they have a tendency to roll over. He then shows Nancy a rock in his possession that he claims is a shore marker found in California that proves that the Chinese came to North America in 1421, before the Europeans :o

He says that there's lots of circumstantial evidence that the Chinese were in America, but now he has proof since it bears the birth date of the Admiral of the Chinese fleet's son. Nancy Drew remarks that raising a son on the high seas must have been difficult and then invites David to give a talk about the stone in River Heights since their museum could use the fund-raising. He agrees since he's stuck in the town anyways with his car totaled.

At the event, George arrives w/ her new camcorder which she's excited about, while Bess keeps trying to get Nancy to let her put make up on her o_O David appears on stage just then and opens his case to show off the stone but... it's missing! :O


Nancy immediately runs on stage and finds out that he was just backstage in the washroom, so she asks the museum director who else could have been backstage, and is told only the old security guard, but he is good and trustworthy, he even holds down 3 jobs. o_o Nancy sees that as possible motive for stealing an artifact and goes backstage to pursue the guard but finds herself locked in a room :O She uses her call to call her boyfriend, Ned Nickerson, to unlock the door, but by then the guard is gone. :o

Nancy returns to the auditorium and realizes that from George's vantage point her camcorder must have recorded the washroom and so they could check to see who came in or out of there besides David. George laments that in the chaos, her camcorder was stolen! :O At the same time, the mother of Owen, the boy Nancy was babysitting and who was at the Museum as well, runs in saying that Owen is missing too! :O


We get some disjointed scenes involving the camcorder and apparently Owen using it to video cats and squirrels when somebody approaches him and offers him candy for the camera. He kicks the mysterious person in the shins and runs off. :o

Meanwhile, Nancy has been narrating the whole time and tells us she & her friends still suspected the guard and went by the cemetery where he worked at night (in his 3rd job) :o He discovers them and they run but Nancy doesn't watch where she's going, trips and smashes her head on a rock :O Bess clutches Nancy Drew and screams out "OH MY GOD! NANCY DREW IS DEAD!!!!!!!"

Best cliffhanger ending of a Chapter 1 evar xD

Chapter 2

Nancy Drew immediately tells Bess to stop yelling cuz it's giving her a headache and gets back up. (Best anti-climactic opening of a Chapter 2 evar xD) George says that they thought Nancy was dead b/c she knocked off a piece of solid tombstone w/ her head. :o But Nancy says that it's not solid, it's actually made of Styrofoam, like a prop, and it's hollow.. something was hidden inside it! :O Nancy measures the Styrofoam rock and as she suspected, it is just big enough to hide the shore marker. She uses Bess' eyeliner to write measurements on her hand (as Bess whines that she won't use it >_> )

In the morning, she and her dad are discussing the case and her dad said that they should concentrate on finding Owen, while Nancy thinks the two mysteries are linked. Their housekeeper suggests that he might just have run away and found himself a little place to hide :o

Bess, George and Nancy go to question the security guard at his house but he refuses to answer questions and slams the door on them! :O Nancy has Bess and George pretend to drive off to distract him while Nancy herself sneaks in thru the back door. She finds that it is roach infested and dilapidated inside but she also discovers the guard's bank statement where he's recently gotten 10,000$ :O She goes into the basement where she finds mysterious dust that might have come from the shore marker :o She scoops it up into the cap of Bess' eyeliner (eyeliner to the rescue this episode! xD they should rly get a deal w/ Maybelline or something and then just have their products save the day xD ) and then calls her friends to get them to honk the horn to distract the guard so she can escape out the back again :o

Nancy goes to talk to David and ask him about the dust and why nebody might want to destroy the shore marker, he says that ppl might to stop him from showing proof of his discovery. :o He looks at the dust under a microscope and says that it's actually just concrete. :|

The next day, Nancy talks w/ Ned and says that she doesn't trust David's analysis and wishes she could get the dust really tested. Ned says he has a friend at the university who could help and calls him. Nancy goes to the post office to mail the sample to him but as she's coming out a car tries to run her over! Ned pushes her out of the way in time as the car drives off! :O

Owen's mom wanders by as Nancy is getting her bearings and says she misses Owen a lot. Nancy thinks that maybe she should be trying to find the shore marker through finding Owen (she's so caring >_> ) They go to his room and finds a painting of a tree and a tree house, which makes Nancy think that it might actually exist! :o

We now switch to the tree house where Owen and the camcorder are. He says he's bored and this isn't fun nemore. But then the guy who was chasing him earlier shows up and captures him in a bag! :O

End Chapter 2

Owen kicks the evil person in the bag and runs off while the evil person laments that he wishes the penalties for hurting a child weren't so severe. o_o

Suddenly scene change and Nancy Drew is pretending to be shot and it turns out she is playing with Owen. Nancy has been doing this for half an hour to try to get Owen to tell her where the camcorder is :o He finally leads them to the tree house where they find the camcorder! :O

They bring it back to Owen's house, along w/ Owen and then plays it on the TV but it turns out he erased almost everything on the tape. :O Nancy gets a call from Ned's friend who tells her the test results. She says that she's solved the mystery but needs to enact a plan to catch the culprits. :O

Nancy does an interview with local reporters about the disappearance of Owen and says that unfortunately they did not recover the camcorder and if anybody finds it please turn it into the police.

They then go back to the tree house where George drops her camcorder to have it look like it fell out of the tree. :o They then hide in the bushes, waiting. While they wait it starts to rain and storm and be windy! :O The bad guy shows up after a while and destroys the camcorder freaking George out D: They try to chase him but in the storm they have trouble locating him. :o He gets into an SUV and tries to escape but like Nancy predicted in the opening, the SUV rolled over as it tries to get out of the woods :O The bad guy gets out and makes a run for it w/ Nancy in hot pursuit! :O They go up the side of a cliff by the water where Nancy confronts him with the storm raging, the water below and them on a small ledge! :O



Nancy reveals that she knows who he is: Professor David Severe (Professor Severe is an even better name)! She said that she figured it out b/c Owen gave her a rough sketch, and along with Severe lying about the dust and Severe limping (Owen said he kicked the bad guy) it all pointed to him. She asks why he didn't wear a mask before, and Severe says cuz he's been making it up all along. :o He explains that when Nancy mentioned how hard it would be to raise a child on a boat, he realized that historically the Admiral was a eunuch and therefore he could never have had children and so the shore marker was a fake and he'd be a laughing stock. :O He was going to go along w/ it neways, but then the security guard stole the marker and called for a ransom but he paid the guard to destroy the marker instead. :O When he heard about the camcorder, he was afraid that the guard would be caught and then rat out Severe, so that's why he tried to kidnap Owen and kill Nancy. o_o

The bad guys are arrested (it turns out the guard had been stealing from the museum for years and had lots of money saved up despite where he lived and all his jobs o_o ) and Owen's mom (who is wealthy) insisted on giving Nancy a reward. :o Nancy uses it to buy George a new camcorder, Bess new eyeliner and Owen a play camcorder... and everybody is happy! Yay! (except Professor Severe, who's career is ruined and is in jail.. tho he'll be back... >_>)


Review: o_o Honestly, this is prolly the weakest (and maybe overall worst) book of the entire series (actually there's another one that is pretty bad too >_> ) It was rly confusing how the story kept jumping around and they don't segue into the scenes involving the camcorder and Owen very well. :| The first time I read through it I didn't get what was going on, and Nancy having her own narration on TOP of Owen and the bad guy talking made things even MORE confusing. :\ Also the whole mystery was really flimsy. I mean it was easy to figure out b/c there was rly only one person w/ motive and that was Severe and the "artifact being fake" thing isn't new in terms of a mystery plot so it was kind of surprising it took Nancy that long to think along those lines :|

Also the beginning is rly random, how this guy suddenly shows up literally on Nancy's doorstep and then gives random exposition about the artifact. o_o At least there is foreshadowing about the SUV (Nancy gives a lot of stats in her narration at the end about SUV accidents too... this series often talks about the benefits of hybrid cars vs polluting SUVs xD), but the plot is still just far too convenient.

Plus Nancy Drew seems rly out of character o_o Her first priority should have been to find Owen, not the shore marker. Esp since given the scene changes and how it's night then day, then night again, then day... Owen's been gone THREE DAYS O_O How did he survive in just a tree house? Also why is Nancy so nonchalant about the whole thing? It's not like he was missing for only a few hours even though everybody seems to act like he was. Did the writer not pay attention to the scene changes, or were the writer and artist not on the same page? (it's pretty hard to not be though when the graveyard scene clearly could only have taken place at night and then Nancy's dad was eating BREAKFAST the next scene). Neways, it seems rly sloppy and also rly awful and callous of Nancy, which isn't in character for her. :| Even if she gets wrapped up in mysteries, her friends surely wouldn't, AND she still would normally care more about actual PEOPLE than just a shore marker mystery. I mean it wasn't even until she thought finding the kid would help her solve her mystery that she even tries to look.

Also I find it funny that nobody a) knows of the treehouse and b) thinks to look there when Owen's been drawing it. His mom chalks it up to his imagination (and how does a 5 y/o kid build a treehouse sekritly w/o nebody knowing? o_O )

And Severe's actions seem... well... Severe... for a guy who just was worried about a little academic embarrassment. Esp since he didn't seem to have given any other talks on the subject or shown his rock around much (and even if he had, is it worth kidnapping charges or murder? o_O ) so it's not really like it would hurt him THAT much would it? (tho I'm not an academic, so maybe it would! but it's still not worth trying to KILL somebody) AND what rly bugs me, is that given how much he was afraid of the penalties of hurting Owen, and that he seems like he is sort of a not evil guy, it's a HUGE jump to try to run over and kill Nancy O_O (also how did he go from having an SUV to having a sports car to try to kill Nancy and then an SUV again?)

Although.. w/ the ending it means this is the second book in a row to start the series that has Nancy Drew confronting a villain on a cliff! Which, as I said last review, happens a lot. xD So... I just wanted to mention that. :] That and her fighting animals (which she doesn't do here, unless you count the brief scene involving the cockroaches) are the two recurring themes in these books. xD But that's just an "Ami keeps track of these things" aside >_>


So yeah, the plot and characterization and the ultimate solution to the mystery was rly rly awful... plus there was that unintentionally hilarious ending to Chapter 1 where Bess screams that Nancy's dead (it's an obvious forced plot point to allow them to put the scene on the back of the book to advertise Nancy's "death") and then she gets right up the next page in Chapter 2 xD But it was v over the top forced :\

The art is okay for most of it but I'd almost say it got worse from Book 1. And when it gets bad, it gets bad and confusing :( It's still rough, like the first few books are, but at some points the art gets REALLY REALLY sketchy... like when Severe is trying to kidnap Owen.. I guess it's to try to hide his face, but his face just ends up being this blank skin colour oval at times (and this isn't from a far away shot), so we SHOULD see detail but we don't, and it's freaky o_o

Also, Ned, David, Owen (who's a CHILD!) and George (who's a teen girl) all look the same at periods of time in the book, which made my understanding of it even MORE confusing the first time through. I can only imagine how annoying it must be for kids to try to get through this, or even adults to explain to kids what's going on at some of the points o_o

Basically, anybody with short brown hair (those 4 chars) all end up looking similarly b/c the art gets so sketchy at times :\ And that rly detracts from the book AND makes it extremely annoying to try to parse -_-;;

Owen and Ned, in particular have a lot of issues. Sometimes Owen looks 12, sometimes he looks 3, sometimes he's at Nancy's chest, and then he's the size of a small pillow when his mom picks him up near the end of the book o_o And Ned sometimes looks taller and older than Nancy (which he is) and then when he's rescuing her from the car he looks like he's 12 and young o_o It's REALLY REALLY inconsistent and.. honestly... sloppy :\ But then in the first few books, as I say, it seems the artist is rly trying to get a handle on the chars and drawing and maybe get more experience of her own as well... the art improves a lot in the later books. :) Tho the series is written and drawn over 4 years (and counting) so there's bound to be lots of improvement and fine tuning... But still... it's very rough here, and it hurts the book a lot :\

And so does the writing and a plot that's held together by leaps of logic, twine and spittle... so... yeah :\ No Ami recommendation here :( (except that hilarious end Chapter 1 scene...)

Angelwings Rating: 1.5 out of 5 uncaring Nancy Drews :( (the .5 is cuz of the OMG NANCY DREW IS DEAD cliffhanger xD)

Recommendation: Unless you really want to read them in order (Severe DOES show up in a later book), if you don't have the money to spend, I wouldn't recommend this book. :\ The plot is a mess and the art is so bad in places it makes it hard to tell what's going on and the characters apart :(

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Nancy Drew - #1 Review :D

Nancy Drew - #1 "The Demon of River Heights"

Synopsis: Nancy Drew is hanging from a cliff as her boyfriend, Ned Nickerson, is trying to save her as she screams that she saw the Demon of River Heights and it's real! :O Her fingers slip and she falls... and then we "zoom out" and see that the whole thing is actually an amateur film being made by her 2 best friends: cousins Bess and George, and 2 local college film students. George remarks that htey seem more concerned about flirting with Bess than filming Nancy. >_>;;

Hours later Nancy, Bess and George are eating in a coffee shop and Nancy remarks that the boys who are to meet with them for the project still hadn't shown up yet. Nancy's rival (in the high school dramuh sense, not the Moriarty sense sadly), Deidre, comes in with her new boyfriend, Canton Angley II, son of wealthy entrepreneur Canton Angley who is in River Heights for business. Deidre mocks Nancy that her father is now the lawyer for Angley who has dumped Nancy's father in that role. Nancy calls her dad to confirm and he says it's true but only b/c he wouldn't help Angley with some shady business which he won't elaborate on. :O Nancy and George wonder why Angley Sr. would be in River Heights at all since the iron ore mines were all tapped out years ago.

Bess, however, has more pressing concerns on her mind, and waves a newspaper at Nancy that has a photo of a supposed monster spotted in the woods in River Height's on the cover :O The same woods they were filming the movie in! :O DUN DUN DUN.... :o Bess worries the boys were killed or harmed by the monster >_>

Of course Nancy wants to investigate as she is awesome that way, so off they go! :D

In the woods at night (b/c night is the best time to go looking for monsters :D ) Nancy finds some broken branches and foot prints which leads them to scattered rolls of exposed film that the boys must have dropped :o Nancy wonders what would have scared them so much they ran off w/o their film... and then a bear shows up :O The bear starts to stalk Nancy, and George tells her to not back down but not be threatening. :o Nancy tries this but the bear attacks and George tells Nancy that she has to defend herself and then...

NANCY DREW UPPERCUTS THE BEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (best scene EVAR)

Actually she punches the bear with a left and then follows it up with a right uppercut! :D

But this does not faze the super bear and Nancy is forced to climb up a tree and smack it's head with a stick multiple times until it slinks off in defeat. :D

Nancy Drew 1, Bears 0

Jay Cutler would be proud. xD

NEWAYS, they gather up the rest of the equipment and start heading off. Nancy decides to watch the film on the camcorder which shows the boys being startled by something and running off, when suddenly the girls hear a noise! :O Scared, they run to Nancy's car, but as usual (she says she does this often b/c she is so focussed on mystery solving), Nancy forgot to gas up and they are stuck as they fear that the Demon of River Heights is real! :O

End chapter one! :O


Car headlights pull up, saving them, and the car window rolls down and it is Angley Sr :O He condescends them and then avoids Nancy's questions about why he's in town except to say that he doesn't believe what everybody thinks about the mines being worthless :o He drops them off at the police station where the police chief also condescends Nancy Drew. She tries to get him to play the tapes they found on his VCR but he says the VCR is broken :o Bess offers to fix it and, w/ her nailfile, does so quickly! :D Yay Bess! :D

On the tape, the boys hear something, and then drop the camera and run off.. the rest of the tape is blank :o

Nancy and co leave while the chief mocks them a little more cuz he's a jerkface >:|

In the morning, they hike back to the forest and her car and Nancy asks Bess and George to keep tabs on Deidre and her new b/f for her b/c she promised her dad she would. Weird hijinks ensue with the two girls hiding behind plants and stuff spying on Deidre and Angley II on a date. Deidre spots them and bothers them in irrelevant to the plot scenes. >_>;;;

Meanwhile, Nancy sneaks into one of the boys' dorm rooms to find out more info and finds folders about their movie plan when the roommate comes in, startling her. :o He reveals that the two film guys have been fighting lately but he doesn't know about what, and that one of them wanted to spread rumours about the Demon being real to promote the movie, while the other didn't. Nancy looks at the drawing of the Demon that they had sketched and says it looks nothing like what they saw in the forest the other night. :O

Nancy returns to the forest that night, but again, forgets to fill up on gas and is stranded :o She tries to call her AAA friend but her cellphone has trouble getting a signal this far out. She sees the mine but it isn't abandoned at all and there is light coming from it :O As she goes to investigate suddenly 3 "monsters" appear! :O Nancy tries to get away but they capture her! :O

End of chapter 2 :O


George and Bess are still spying on Deidre on her date and finally Angley II drops her off at home and drives off. Suspicious, they follow him :o

Nancy Drew wakes up in the mine to find the monsters are actually the 2 film guys, Angley and his son in hazmat suits. :o The 2 film guys fight as one doesn't want to be involved in murdering Nancy Drew and the other calls him a wuss :o Nancy tries to escape in the distraction but runs into Angley II :O Angley one questions her about what she knows and she tries to feign ignorance but he doesn't buy it b/c she has a reputation for being smart xD She finally explains that she figures that he believes that there's something valuable like gold in these mines, which is why he's back, but that he couldn't use conventional methods to test for it or it would draw attention and increase the value of the land. Instead, he's probably using environmentally destructive and illegal methods like cyanide leaching to test and the film guys stumbled onto the plan by accident and so were paid to help and keep quiet. :o

Angley admits that she's right but also that he had to do it b/c his company was bankrupt and he needed money fast, so he planned to buy the land cheap and then "discover" the gold. He then grabs Nancy wondering how to dispose of her. :o The "wuss" guy attacks him saying to leave Nancy alone, giving her a chance to try to get away. However, the ensuing fight cracks one of the beams supporting the mine and causes a cave in :O

Mostly everybody gets away safelty but Angley Sr. is knocked down by rocks :O Nancy asks the boys to help her help him but they flee leaving her alone with Angley Sr. trapped :O

She sees a little opening in the ceiling and laments being too short to reach it. :o As Nancy is looking around, she accidentally backs off onto a cliff and slips down, hanging on by her fingertips :o Angley Sr. gets up and approaches her and threatens her a little and then helps her up, saying that he was conscious enough earlier to know that she saved him, so he is returning the favour :]

Together they dig out a few rocks to the entrance but then Angley says that he can't face the cops and asks Nancy if she can smell the methane gas filling the cave. Then he brings out a cigarette and lights it causing the cave to explode as Nancy escapes! :O The police are outside waiting for her, having been brought there by Bess and George :]

The police lament that Angley died in the explosion until Nancy remembers that the hole at the top of the cave was too high for her but not Angley! :O She leads the police to where the hole would lead and they capture Angley Sr. as he's about to escape! :D

Angley Sr. and Jr. and the film student guys are taken away in handcuffs as Deidre appears and tells Jr. that she will get her dad to represent them in court but Jr. tells her that her dad is a terrible lawyer and they only chose him to replace Nancy's dad b/c they thought he'd be too stupid to discover what they were up to and that he only dated her to spy on her dad :O Deidre then tries to save face by claiming she was spying on THEM all along to help Nancy and her friends just kinda mock her.

THE END!!!!!! :D


Review: Mox mox mox. Ami is barks! :D It has taken a while to get back into reviewing, for various personal issues and also me not getting DC or Marvel comics nemore (lack of money and lack of interest and overall annoyance with the companies) factors in too. :| But lately I have been reading lots of various mangas/graphic novels I have found at the library (also going to the library and rediscovering fun things! :3 ) and so I have decided to try to get my reviews up and running again! Mostly for myself, as part of therapy stuff.. to try to get back into being opinionated and stuff :) Also to share the wonders and fun of Nancy Drew with you ppls! :D (also other books >_> but we will try to get this one done first)

But neways.. enuf about my mysterious return from the dead >_> It'll be retconned out later neways >_>;; ONTO TEH REVIEW! :D

This is a rly good beginning to the series and rly sets the tone for the kind of adventures she has later. :3 It rly surprised me when I started b/c I've had limited exp with Nancy Drew before reading the comics, and the stuff I've seen before were rly fun and not mundane or nething but ... well I was rly shocked and amused when she punched that bear xD And then it just keeps going up from there! Explosions and hanging off cliffs and stuff! :D Actually... fighting animals and hanging on for dear life are things that happen to Nancy Drew a LOT as this series goes on as you will see! (hopefully) xD

But yus... the bear scene rly kicked things off with a bang... I mean at first it's just, ordinary girl detective, and there's annoying Deidre (who always hilariously seems to be in the WRONG series xD she should be on Gossip Girl or something... all her whininess is always rly rly silly compared to what Nancy is dealing with.. PLUS Nancy ignores her EVERY TIME, so she's very random xD) and etc.. and then... UPPERCUTTING BEARS! :D It's just a rly great statement early on in the first chapter of the first book to introduce readers and say "this series is not going to be boring, or stereotypical girl dramuh folks!" :D

The ultimate mystery was pretty neat, and I liked that it was hinting about what was going on before, and you could figure it out before Nancy does the big reveal at the end (this isn't, unfortunately, something that continues later >_>) plus the villain is pretty villainous, but also not CARTOONY villainous (that happens later >_>) so that's a good balance too imo :3 And it also helps to establish Nancy's personality and beliefs, esp her environmentalism, which is addressed both in her being angry that he's doing cyanide leaching and also when she notes that she drives a hybrid car :) I like how we get a sense for who Nancy is, without just lots and lots of monologuing. :]

Altho, there IS an internal monologue also! The way the books are is very much like how DC likes to do their comics, and esp the Batman ones, with the little boxes in the corner that shows her thoughts as things goes on. :) I've always rly rly liked it b/c it made the story more interesting and it adds to the detectivey sort of thing. :) And Nancy's internal monologue is rly fun, and like a cross between Batman and... me I guess... I can't think of a non dark Superhero in DC right now xD But she's not super dupr serious, while also being pretty serious :)

I'm using a lot of smileys >_> But I luff this series so much xD

The art in this book is a little rougher than it gets later. In a way I like it, b/c Nancy looks more like a girl and less like a 20 something actress in a hollywood production as she sometimes looks later (and sometimes she gets RLY thin later too >_>) She also isn't shown as being very made up here (later when they get a separate colourist and inker, she gets v obvious mascara and lipstick and nail polish) which is good, not b/c I'm against make up, but b/c in the VERY BOOKS, Nancy says she never uses it and barely knows what it is whenever Bess annoys her to use make up (except when she uses it as part of crime solving!) so when you've established THAT in your character, having an inker that insists on putting heavyish make up and eyeliner on all your female chars incl Nancy is v inconsistant and odd. :| But I rly like Sho Murase's art in general, and even in this first book, when sometimes the same pose is being reused in different frames and sometimes the art is more webcomicy, it is pretty fun and "fits" really well. :) It gets better, but then this is hte first book, and you can tell the writer and artist are rly hammering out the kinks and getting down the characters looks and stuff :)

Talking about the looks, the design of the chars are all rly well done, you can tell their personalities by how they dress, how they stand... you can tell George is a "tomboy" (she might be more than that actually >_>) and Bess is clearly not your stereotypically thin fashion girl, which is something I rly like, b/c even tho I know Bess has always been thicker than Nancy, they do a good job of making her look larger and still pretty (i.e. not stereotypically fat for comedies sake) and also I applaud the writer for having her be shown as the attractive one the boys flirt with :) Plus Bess is a tech genius! xD Which is a trait I rly enjoy in this series :] And as the series gets more comic booky adventurous, so does her powers (she fixes a VCR with a nail file here, later she fixes a magnetic tank with a comb xD)

This book also sets the tone for the rest of the series in that Nancy wears LOTS of very neat outfits while sleuthing. :] She changes her clothes 3 times (whenever she goes home off scene) and each outfit is very pretty and very neat, without being jarring (she's wearing an ankle length skirt in all 3 outfits with matching tops) and I rly applaud Murase for her attention to detail in this way and also creativity in having cute outfits in every book that match Nancy Drew's personality (i do wonder why her wardrobe is so large and awesome when she also states she HATES clothes shopping tho... I guess her housekeeper does it for her.. or Bess :3) It's just a neat a little cute thing (and makes me jealous xD) that you notice, and adds to the book, and ALSO, I like seeing "civilian" chars change clothes rather than just wearing the same clothes all the time as if it's a uniform :] Bess & George also get different clothes every book, which all fit their chars also AND helps us get to know them better in a way :)

Hmm.. what else..

I guess that is it for this review :) I obviously rly liked this book, and I think it's rly a great beginning for the series and obv a great way to introduce Nancy Drew in general to kids and stuff. :) It's fun, it's drawn pretty well, and Nancy, George and Bess are all amazing heroines who are brave and awesome and not dark! (you know I've read too much DC when "not dark" is something that I think of as complimenting chars xD) :D The art is still rough at points, and the plot isn't as "together" as it gets later, but it's still a rly good first book and first effort from Petrucha and Murase :)

Angelwings Rating: 4 out of 5 Nancy Drewwings! :D

Recommendation: A fun read, and def recommend it for ppl who like fun and serious adventure and to give to kids who like the same :D (but it definitely isn't a book that condescends or nething, even not trying to be kiddy I rly enjoyed it as just a comic book fan :) )